8 Pretty & Romantic Flowers to Add to Your Wedding Bouquet

by Robert Canning on October 08, 2021

For centuries, flowers have been the go-to way of showing your love and appreciation for someone. And what better way to celebrate your love than by adding romantic flowers to your wedding bouquet?

Flowers are not only beautiful but contain hidden meanings. Organising your bouquet with pretty flowers will surely brighten up your wedding day. If you are intimidated by the number of flowers to choose from, here are some of the most popular wedding flowers.


When you think of romance, you think of roses. Specifically, red roses. Whether it is part of a Valentine’s gift or a wedding bouquet, there’s no denying that roses mean love. Their distinct colour makes them pop out in your arrangement.

They are also very versatile and come in a number of different colours and sizes. You can choose softer tones or smaller roses depending on your colour scheme. 

Not only that, but you can add smaller roses to centrepieces to tie it all together.


You might have heard of sea anemones, but the anemones we’re talking about are much different. These distinct flowers are perfect if you’re going for a classic black and white look. They are also great accent pieces to any bouquet.

Before you decide to include these in your arrangement, make sure you take weather conditions into account. Too much exposure to heat will ruin its delicate stem.


Perfectly fragrant, silky and romantic, lilacs come in muted tones that can blend into any bouquet. They also smell very sweet, which isn’t too bad to walk down the aisle with. Although muted in tone, lilacs come in various colours of pinks, purples and whites.

The only thing you need to watch out for when including this in your bouquet is its fragility. Highly delicate, lilacs are as beautiful as they are feeble. Take extra care from wilting.


Tulips are among the most popular of the flower picks on this list. Soft and delicate, they come in a variety of colours. From the blush pink tulips that are reminiscent of dainty ballet shoes to the vibrant yellow ones that stand out in your arrangement.

Tulips are also highly affordable, making them a go-to choice for any bride. 


Simple yet stylish, hydrangeas are sure to make any flower arrangement shine. With their vibrant colours and outlandish petals, these blue and white flowers are a must in your bouquet. They might be a bit more delicate with weather conditions, but they add a bit of spice.

As long as you take good care of them, they will prosper in your bouquet.


Peonies are another popular wedding flower choice. However, they are slightly more difficult to attain. These luxury flowers will definitely dent your budget, especially if you’re thinking about using them beyond your bouquet.

While a bit more expensive than your typical flower, there’s a reason why peonies are highly coveted. They look beautiful in any arrangement, and you won’t regret getting them.


Something as simple as choosing your wedding bouquet will make you feel even more special on your wedding day. Find the perfect arrangement with the flowers that you feel best represent you.

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