Preserving Flowers: How to Create a Beautiful Floral Arrangement

by Robert Canning on September 03, 2021

Often, spaces benefit from adding a touch of colour, especially if it comes from fresh flowers. Whether it’s any room in your house or workplace, you will never go wrong with a floral arrangement coming from a flower shop nearby.

Besides, everyone appreciates receiving flowers, enough to inspire people to take the blooms out of their packaging and display them in a vase for everyone in the room to marvel at. If you want to guarantee the flowers will look amazing, you must learn to arrange them properly.

A good flower arrangement is sometimes all you need to boost your comfort and overall mood. You don’t need to contact a local professional florist to achieve what you want. Keep reading below to learn how to create a brilliant display of flowers and bring out the expert in you.

Set Up Your Flowers

When you receive a flower delivery, it’s likely that the first thing you do is unpack your flowers and admire their glory. If you want them to last for several days, you have to go out of your way and treat them correctly so that the blooms will remain fresh for a longer period.

Before anything else, you must organise your bouquet. You need to place the flowers on a table, grab them one by one and set the blooms together. Afterwards, you should accumulate a lump of greenery on one hand and a pile of various flowers on the other.

Begin with the Greens

After grouping everything accordingly, you must remember to place great importance on your greenery just as much as you do on your flowers. When you organise your leaves, you acquire an arrangement that lets the flowers stand out while giving the same attention to its greenery.

With a vase in place, begin by placing the greens inside and ensuring they are trimmed at a forty-five-degree angle to obtain the water they require for sustenance. As much as possible, your greens should have stems of similar lengths to maintain consistency.

Add Some Texture

Once you’re done fixing your base consisting of greenery, you can move on and focus on adding texture to your arrangement. This part comprises pieces that belong somewhere in the middle of foliage and flowers. If your arrangement lacks depth, you can order same-day flower delivery to acquire additional details.

Achieving balance is crucial to a beautiful flower arrangement. Avoid piling subdued flowers all on one side. Instead, scatter them around the vase and ensure they cover all sides. Turn your vase around to check if you did a good job, and if you think your arrangement is incomplete, you could consider accent flowers with various stem heights for better results.

Include Your Blooms

The last part of your flower arrangement is adding the blooms. Depending on the luxury flower delivery, you can sometimes receive flowers in bud form to ensure your flowers will last longer. Before you feel disappointed, take note that the flowers will open into full blooms.

When adding the flowers to the vase, it’s best to keep the stems of your flowers long. After all, they are the highlight of your arrangement. A helpful way to check if you’re filling in all the right places is to step away from the vase, look at your arrangement from all angles, and check if there are still obvious holes you need to cover.


It’s quite simple to accomplish a flower arrangement that doesn’t always require guidance from a florist near you. Sometimes, all you need to do is set up your flowers, begin with the greens, add some texture, and finally include your blooms to complete your arrangement.

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