Preserving Bouquets: 3 Easy Ways to Make Flowers Last Longer

by Robert Canning on September 03, 2021

Flowers make for an excellent gift, whether they are for a special occasion or a typical day. But sadly, the beauty of these blossoms is not built to last, as they’d wither after a couple of days when made into a bouquet.

With that said, it’s not at all impossible to prolong the life of a bouquet that you received. By giving it much attention and care, you can make the flowers in your present last longer. You have to recut them, change the water and keep them away from sunlight.

However, if you’re looking for other ways you can maintain your bouquet for an extended period, here are three clever and easy methods you can use to preserve flowers.

1. Pressing Flowers

One of the most famous ways to preserve flowers is through pressing them. This technique involves sandwiching and flattening blooms in between thick materials while they dry. It’s not at all a complicated process. Thus, many people opt for this method when it comes to drying and preserving flowers.

Nonetheless, it would be pretty challenging to press an entire bouquet on your own. If you’re determined to do this, it’s better to choose a few flowers you want to save from the arrangement. Remember that once your flowers are dry, you’ll no longer be able to fix them the way you want. Hence, it would be constructive to arrange them before pressing.

You can also hire professionals to style, press and frame flowers for you. This type of service is ideal for larger bouquets that are pretty hard to dry all by yourself.

2. Drying Flowers

Another straightforward method to preserve your bouquet is to dry them. You can either hang them to dry or submerge them in silica gel. The upside to simply drying flowers is that it will not affect the form and structure of the blooms, unlike when pressed to dry.

Unfortunately, some blooms lose their hue during this procedure, especially when air drying. Thus, it’s better to lower your expectations of the outcome. Nevertheless, if you’re opting to air dry, you can hang them upside down in a dry place with good ventilation. Experts suggest that you split the stems one by one instead of lumping the bouquet together. The same applies when you submerge them in silica gel. For your flowers to soak in the drying agent better, it would be helpful to separate them first.

As a tip, it would be excellent to use a drying agent like silica gel to preserve your bouquet, as it can maintain the colour and vibrance of your bouquet better than letting it air dry by itself.

3. Regrowing Flowers

Many people advise against replanting flowers from anniversary or birthday flower arrangements since they think it’s a useless venture. However, it’s not at all impossible to regrow flowers from a bouquet that you’ve received. The chances are slim, but it’s not unachievable.

First things first, though, not all flowers and stems can be replanted or regrown. With that said, you’ll have better luck if your bouquet contains camellias, roses, hydrangeas, honeysuckles, chrysanthemums, lilacs, azaleas, asters, dahlias and the like. Next, the process involves propagation, so you must be patient. It takes lots of effort and time to get your blooms to root. Hence, you shouldn’t expect immediate results.

To regrow flowers, you have to locate nodes in the stems. Nodes are where roots can potentially form, so finding nodes in your bouquet is an integral part of the procedure. Afterward, you’ll have to use rooting hormones to stimulate root growth. You can find this agent in plant shops and nurseries, so getting your hand on one won’t be difficult. After cutting the leaf node and applying root hormone, you can replant it in a pot and care for it as you do for your house plants.


Perhaps you want to keep your silver wedding anniversary bouquet as a keepsake or your Christmas flower bouquet as memorabilia. No matter the reason for preserving the flowers you received, know that there are ways to get this done. The methods may not be perfect, but it is possible.

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