Popular Flowers to Consider Sending to a Loved One in UAE

by Robert Canning on December 24, 2021

UAE culture is rich in colour and freshness, featuring bright strands of native blossom and a stunning wealth of foods, clothes and spices found nowhere else. Always a hot destination, the traditional Middle Eastern sun was a serious barrier to a lot of plants. These days, though, some gardening magic transformed the Emirates into the magnificent flower bouquet heaven it is today.

If you're thinking about sending flowers to your loved ones in the UAE, you can. Surprise them with an extravagant floral gift to put a smile on their face.

We've listed the most popular flowers that people adore and frequently send to each other.

1) Tulips

Tulips are usually the first flowers to arrive in spring and the last to leave in fall. These flowers are alluring favorites when it comes to the UAE. In fact, the UAE blooms with a lot of tulip varieties, which are just an indication of how popular they are.

In the UAE, tulips come in all shapes and sizes, including red, yellow, pink, white and orange. They are so versatile that they can be used in bouquets, corsages and other floral arrangements.

2) Lilies

Lilies are incredibly popular flowers in Dubai. These flowers are widely used in traditional bouquets and arrangements, and they are widely available. The types of lilies used in Dubai come in various forms, such as oriental lily, Asiatic lily, summer lily, as well as other types. In general, lilies have a strong and bold appearance.

To make your loved ones feel special, give them a bouquet of lilies. Lilies are a beautiful gift for women, and they can also be used to symbolise heartfelt love.

3) Gerbera

Don't underestimate the power of a single Gerbera. A single yellow blossoming flower is a great gift for any occasion.

These flowers are usually associated with cheerfulness and happy feelings. If you want to brighten your loved one's day, give them a Gerbera and they'll surely be happy.

Gerbera is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a simple and elegant bouquet. You can easily find these flowers in a wide range of colours, including yellow, red, pink, white and orange. In the UAE, they can be seen in lots of different bouquets and arrangements.

It is one of the most popular flowers in the UAE. Overall, they have a really nice appearance and have dazzling colours that are sure to put a smile on the loved one's face.

4) Roses

Generally, roses are perfect for expressing love and passion, which is why a lot of people find them very desirable. Roses can express many different feelings, including courtesy, grace, affection, honor and admiration.

Roses are an enduring symbol of love and devotion. They are often used to celebrate one's special moments and often symbolise romance, passion and unconditional love.

Roses are also an excellent choice for congratulating someone. Whether you want to congratulate your loved one, or someone special, roses are always a great option.

Roses are a truly universal gift that works anywhere, but they're definitely more popular in the UAE and Dubai.


The UAE is an ultimate paradise for people who love flowers. Send flowers to your loved ones in the UAE to let them know that you're thinking of them.

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