How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Your Valentine

by Robert Canning on February 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered why red roses are popular during Valentine’s Day? You might not be aware, but our ancestors considered flowers to symbolise fertility, love, marriage and romance. During the Victorian Era, people used them to send secret messages. It was called floriography.

Floriography became quite popular during that time because it allowed lovers to express their passions. Most often these messages were considered unacceptable during the Victorian Era. The meaning of each flower often came from various myths, fables or legends.

Before you order flowers online for your loved one, you may want to learn what these blooms mean. Let us take roses for instance. Typically, it represents love and romance. Many cultures considered it a symbol of passion. 

With Valentine’s Day coming closer, it would be best if you learn the secret language of floral messages. Knowing the meaning of the flowers that you chose for your lady love will make your gift even more meaningful. 

Rendezvous Roses

As mentioned earlier, each flower has a special meaning. If you are trying to win the heart of someone, choose an arrangement that will leave them spellbound. There is no better way to do that than by choosing roses. 

The Rendezvous Roses includes lavender, ivory, red and coral roses. It is a unique twist on the classic rose bouquet that will show her the magnitude of your love.

Guilty Pleasure

Like the Victorian lovers who had to send their messages through flowers, you might also win your lady love with this floral arrangement. You can go for radiant red roses mixed with the decadent baby blue eucalyptus. It will give her the idea that she is your guilty pleasure.

Straight from the Heart

If you are looking for a flower bouquet delivery that says your sincere intentions, you should opt for this. It comprises pink roses, lovely pink and white alstroemeria, gorgeous Asiatic lilies, enticing lavender carnations and more.

This arrangement will tell her that your heart is bursting with love. When you arrange for this flower bouquet delivery, you will also make her day more memorable.

Pink N’ Flirty

If this is your first date, you may want to give a subtle flirty message. The best way would be to arrange this flower bouquet delivery that includes stargazer lilies, blue iris, purple statice, lavender stock and pink gerberas. 

This arrangement is fun yet flirty. It will be a great way to start your Valentine’s Day or first date. Or perhaps, you are looking for a way to recapture your first dinner. 


If you think that roses are overrated, you can go for red tulips. Although its springs from a tragic Turkish legend, your lady love will still appreciate these flowers. They say that the most moving story is a tragedy, so you might move your sweetheart with the tragedy of the doomed lovers. 

The story is about Prince Farhad who fell madly in love with Shirin. When Farhad learned that Shirin was killed, he killed himself by riding his horse over a cliff. A scarlet tulip sprang from his blood. 


Nothing is more beautiful than flowers. It may symbolise purity or passion and has been considered sacred by our ancestors. If you consider your lady love as sacred, find the perfect arrangement to tell her how you feel.

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