How Orchids Became the All-Around Flower for Every Occasion

by Robert Canning on March 04, 2022

If you're thinking about sending flowers for a specific person or occasion, but you aren't sure what will work, then you're in luck. You can simply buy orchids, and you're pretty much assured that it will fit the bill. This is because orchids are largely considered a great flower for every occasion.

How did these tropical beauties come to this distinction, anyway? Here are some excellent reasons they became a fan favourite no matter what you’re celebrating:

Orchids Have Long Carried Positive Symbolism

The first reason that orchids are appropriate for any occasion is because of the fact that they've long carried positive symbolism. In many cultures, they have symbolised affection, healing, and prosperity for the longest time.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a negative connotation with this flower, which has helped it become a go-to for any occasion. Over the years, the ever-lovely orchid has easily transitioned from one culture to another.

Orchids Live Long

Orchids are also an excellent choice for any occasion because they last a long time. Most orchids make great cut flowers because of the fact that they can last for as long as four months!

Of course, this depends on the exact type of orchid you get, but they are generally thriving flowers with enough care.

Orchids Survive Indoors and Outdoors

Another reason that this plant makes a great flower for any occasion is because of the fact that they are incredibly adaptable to their environment. You can grow orchids in just about any environment, and they can find a way to survive the conditions.

You just have to ensure that your orchid still gets its balance of shade and sunlight, as with any other delicate flower.

Orchids Match Well With Other Things

The best thing about orchids is the fact that they can be used as a focal point for almost any occasion. They are a great highlight but don't necessarily take away from other elements. If you want a mixed floral arrangement, or you just want to throw in some other decorative elements, they will still look good.

Orchids Are Easy to Care For

What makes orchids such attractive gifts is that they are remarkably easy to take care of. With only a few steps, you can keep your orchid beautiful and vibrant for as long as you want.

All you need to do is water it regularly and steer clear of direct heat sources, and you're good to go. You also just want to make sure that your orchids get enough (but not too much) sun.

Orchids Have No Loose Pollen

One of the best things that make orchids such a versatile gift is the fact that they don't have loose pollen from their flowers. This makes them significantly more allergen-free than other flowers.

Orchids Are Pretty

Last but certainly not least, orchids are great gifts because they're just pretty! There are many different types of orchids with different colours and leaf patterns. Every orchid is just as beautiful and unique as the one before it.

Final Thoughts

If you need a gift for a person or occasion that's hard to pin down, orchids are a pretty thoughtful option. Nowadays, you can easily buy orchids online just in time for your event.

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