New Year Colour Trends for 2022 Floral Inspiration

by Robert Canning on March 25, 2022

Every year, certain colours rise to the forefront as the most popular and are named as the colour trends of the year. This blog post has gathered examples of these colours in flower arrangements to help you express yourself in a new year of colour.

New Year Colour Trends for 2022 Floral Inspiration

Pantone's Very Peri

A pale tone of periwinkle, Pantone has named it Very Peri, and this colour is definitely delicate and pretty. There are many beautiful floral choices that can be bought in this colour.

Flower options for Very Peri

1 - Petunia

This flower is very popular in many establishments and is one of the most widely used flowers in the world. Petunias are very simple and delicate and work great in this colour.

2 - Lavender

This flower is a more bold choice and is a great flower for displaying a distinctive choice.

3 - Lilac

The Lilac flower is a very potent and strong flower that can be displayed in many different arrangements, which makes it a great choice for this colour.

4 - Hellebore

This is not a flower that is widely used and is a great choice for eccentricity.

5 - Dahlia

This is a flower that is very versatile and can be used in many different arrangements. It does not seem to be a typical flower, making it a great choice for this colour.

6 - Purple Pansy

Pansy flowers are one of the most used flowers in the world and are very elegant, making them a great choice for this colour.

7 - Iris

This flower is a very strong and bold flower choice and can be great for a special occasion.

8 - Lavender Roses

This is a very common flower choice, but it is a very strong and elegant choice for this colour.

9 - Blue Hydrangea

This flower is a unique choice but is a beautiful flower to use.

10 - Bluebell

This flower is very simple and delicate and looks great in this colour.

Tips for Floral Arrangements in 2022

1 - Use colour blocking

One great way to display your colour choice is to use colour blocking. This is a great creative outlet for those who want to display their creative side and make their own unique arrangements. Colour blocking can be done in many different ways, but a popular one is to use a centrepiece filled with flowers and greenery and fill the vase with water. This can be done in many different ways.

2 - Use floral foam

Floral foam is a popular way to display flowers and can be bought in many different colours. Using this colour, combined with colour blocking, can create beautiful floral arrangements.

3 - Use different textures

Texture can be a great way to make your arrangements stand out. Using different textures, such as flowers with flat leaves, for example, can be a great way to express yourself. These ideas can also be used with colour blocking.


Any of the listed flower colours above can be used to create beautiful floral arrangements. The above floral arrangements should also be used as inspiration for creating your own floral arrangements. These floral arrangements will be beautiful and show off your creativity in 2022.

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