5 Mistakes Clients Make in Choosing Flowers for the Wedding

by Robert Canning on October 01, 2021

Most women have dreamed of their wedding day since they were younger. For men, it’s a moment they will cherish forever. However, there are instances when a supposedly perfect wedding may take a wrong turn due to a simple mistake—flower choices.

Although they are a specific detail in weddings, flowers make up the mood of the venue. It also affects how people feel for the couple during the once-in-a-lifetime event. But choosing blooms is a tricky decision as it could make or break the occasion. But how do you select them, and what are the common mistakes clients usually make?

1. Conducting Improper Research

Flowers have significant meanings attached to them. People choose them not only because they are beautiful to look at but also because of their significance in the event or moment they will use the blooms.

Most of the time, people fail to research the variety of flowers best fit for the occasion. It’s not enough to look up “wedding flower arrangements” or “wedding bouquet” online and choose whichever option looks the best. Instead, try to relate what you choose based on the event to make the moment more special and memorable.

2. Relying on Too Many Details

Of course, details matter. However, some people are too obsessed with perfecting a specific detail without looking at something through the bigger picture. For example, if you’re planning to add flowers to a simple dinner date night, make sure that it complements the venue as a whole. Although it’s alright for the arrangement to stand out, it’s better to make it seem like it is part of the whole picture, not something highlighted by the elements around it.

Never forget how people will see the details as a whole. Focusing on one detail alone makes you neglect the other essential elements needed to support the details. Therefore, try to think outside the box but do not look too far. Instead, focus on building the bigger picture and working around the elements already present.

3. Sticking to a Single Color

Going for a monochromatic flower arrangement isn’t bad. However, mixing complementary colours isn’t too bad either. Instead, go for an arrangement that adds variety to the venue’s look or one that highlights the event in general.

If you’re having trouble choosing which colours to add to the mix, try to look at the wedding’s motif and start working from there. For pastel motifs, it might be good to choose solid colours that compliment the light hues. Meanwhile, if the motif is already too strong, go for more subtle and refreshing colours to the eyes. If possible, borrow the shades on the bridesmaid’s dress and match them with suitable colours.

4. Picking Strong-Scented Flowers

You would like to highlight the bride and the groom in a wedding, not how strong-scented the flowers are. Most of the time, people are allergic to those with strong odours, so they might cause discomfort to guests with sensitive smells.

Always consider your guests’ health first. If the use for strong-scented flowers is reasonable enough, then go for it. But if not, better choose another variety which has neutral odours for everyone’s safety.

5. Having No Florist to Serve as a Guide

A florist’s role is to prepare and arrange the flowers for the big day. However, in an attempt to save some money, couples prefer to do the arrangements themselves, hoping that they’d do an excellent job at it.

Although it is initially a good idea, hiring a florist is a better choice as they can do more than arrange the flowers for the event. They take care of sourcing them, making every decision for the big day.


Weddings can be expensive. However, by adding flowers, every venue becomes a fairytale location out of every girl’s dream. By avoiding these common mistakes by clients, your wedding can become the best moment of your life.

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