The Multiple Meanings Conveyed by Pink Roses in Your Bouquet

by Robert Canning on January 07, 2022

Are you planning on sending flowers to your friend, loved one, or significant other? Luxury roses are elegant gifts that bring the aura of romance and history. 

Different colours of roses also have their own levels of meaning, which you can use to convey messages and emotions you would like to express but are unable to speak of.

This article will go through the different meanings of the luxurious pink rose and why it may be the ideal gift for you.

Impressions from the Color Pink

Pink is considered the world’s oldest colour on record and has been depicted in art longer than any other colour. 

In the language of flowers, pink can mean a variety of things depending on the type of flowers, the number of flowers, and the herbs combined in the arrangement. Even the absence of thorns and the variation of shade can alter the message making it a romantic and mysterious colour to add to an arrangement.

In general, this colour indicates feelings of love and gratitude. 

Varied Meanings of the Shades of Pink

There are various meanings associated with pink roses, depending on their shade. Here are some examples:

  • Light pink roses may mean an expression of sympathy or condolences, but they may also convey admiration, poise, grace, and joy.
  • Pink roses indicate a happy relationship with the recipient. It can also be an admiration of the person’s gentleness and grace.
  • Dark pink roses usually mean gratitude.
  • Pink roses without thorns may indicate happiness, sweetness, and love at first sight.

Related to this, a rosebud usually indicates youth, beauty, and innocence. Giving someone pink rosebuds may mean an innocent and happy heart.

Combining Pink Roses with Other Colors

You can combine other flowers with your pink roses to come up with a creative and personal message in your flower bouquet delivery. Here are some colour combinations and their meanings:

  • Combining pink and red roses can indicate happiness in your romantic relationship.
  • Pink and white roses are a great way to express your appreciation for someone’s joyfulness and innocence.

As floriography or the language of flowers is not as well known today, you can include a card with your personal message to reinforce the meaning of your gift.

If you are looking for colour combinations that match with pink roses regardless of their meaning, you can also go with the following ideas:

  • Pastel pink, white, and other pastel colours
  • Mixing hues of pink from hot to muted 
  • Simple pink and white

When Should You Give Pink Roses?

With their varied meanings, Pink roses are the most versatile flowers to give. As it is associated with happiness, grace, gentleness, and gratitude, these flowers are ideal for the following occasions:

  • Celebrating a job well done
  • A congratulatory gift after a performance or graduation
  • Any event or celebration
  • An anniversary
  • Expressing your love and happiness
  • Expressing your gratitude and appreciation
  • Expressing your sympathy and condolences


If you plan to send flowers to your loved one, pink roses are always a luxurious and ideal gift. These roses also hold multitudes of meaning in the language of flowers, which makes them a romantic and expressive gift.

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