Rose-Colored: Usual Meanings of Commonly-Gifted Roses

by Robert Canning on July 22, 2022

Gifting roses can mean the world to some people. However, the gesture can mean something else to others too. Therefore, people need to know the meaning of roses based on their colours, number, and arrangement to help them choose the best roses for various occasions. But what are the usual implications of commonly-gifted roses? Here are some ideas.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are considered the most popular and common gift for many occasions. These roses are perfect for displaying love, appreciation, and admiration. However, red roses can also symbolise passion and sensuality.

While most people understand the colour red as a symbol of love, the shade of red that a rose has can also convey additional messages. For example, pink roses signify gratitude or friendship, while a red rose in a bouquet may symbolise an apology.

2. Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are said to symbolise friendship. But they can also mean the best kind of love that one feels for a friend. Yellow roses can also mean a new start in a relationship. Some people consider yellow roses to be a good representation of healing and new beginnings. The yellow colour of roses signifies the wearer’s purity or innocence.

3. White Rose

White roses are perfect for conveying innocence, purity, and virginity. These are good flowers to give to someone who has suffered a loss, such as a death in the family. White roses also symbolise peace. However, the white rose is the most romantic of all roses. For men, it could mean a symbol of their undying love. White roses are also perfect as a token of sympathy. Some send them to newly-wed couples because white roses signify hope and trust.

4. Pink Rose

Pink roses are said to represent appreciation, gratitude, and love. Pink roses are also suitable for welcoming a new bundle of joy into a family. The various shades of pink are also said to carry multiple meanings. It makes pink roses great for expressing emotions, just like red roses. Pink roses are also perfect for showing support for a cause.

5. Purple Rose

The colour of purple roses comes from red rose petals that have been steeped in water to extract their colour or red roses that have begun to fade. Therefore, purple roses symbolise many things. The colour purple is often associated with power and royalty.

Meanwhile, the colour can also symbolise beauty, creativity, and intelligence. However, purple roses also represent faithfulness and fidelity. Purple roses do express respect and admiration but are not usually given as a romantic symbol. However, the colour purple is often used to convey gratitude. It can also mean “thinking of you.”

Why Should People Gift Roses?

Fragrant roses always leave a lasting impression on the receiver. Sending a bouquet of roses at the right time can mean the world to someone, especially during a tough time. Therefore, giving them roses can be a memorable and heartfelt gesture. Gifting roses can be one of the most romantic gestures one can make.


Giving someone roses has the power to make them feel special. However, knowing the meanings of the different roses colours can help you choose the perfect roses for various occasions. It will also help you convey the right message with the many purposes each colour of roses can carry. Sending a bouquet of roses will add more love, romance, and beauty to your relationship.

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