What Are the Meanings Behind the Most Common Wedding Flowers?

by Robert Canning on November 05, 2021

One of the most meaningful days in your life is your wedding. It is an occasion dedicated to you and your partner, showcasing your love for each other. As such, you want to ensure that every detail that goes into your wedding has some significance not only to you but to your lover as well. And one of the elements that you can have a little fun with is your choice of flowers.

There is an entire language centred on flowers, which is why choosing the ones for your bouquet allows you to send a subtle and special message to your partner. You can even select floral centrepieces with significant meanings. An expert on floral arrangements in Dubai can help you find the best ones for the message you have in mind.

Colour also plays a crucial role in the meaning behind flowers. For example, roses can have a different meaning depending on the shade you’re using. The same applies to other flowers, like hyacinths. 

Here is a simple guide on the most commonly used wedding flowers and the meaning behind each one:


Carnations are not just ornamental flowers. When done right, they can be made into a breath-taking arrangement. In the flower language, white carnations represent pure love, and pink symbolises gratitude.


Lavenders smell calming and lovely, and their unique shade is also a sight to behold. But the meaning behind them, virtue and devotion, can send a beautiful message to the one you love. They are also an excellent addition to centrepieces. 


Lilies have long been associated with weddings. Similar to other flowers, the colours of this variety symbolise different things. The classic white lily represents modesty and virginity. On the other hand, orange represents passion, and yellow symbolises gaiety.


If you want something that looks unique and exotic, then adding some orchids to your bouquet is a great choice. It will also work in your favour since these lovely blooms symbolise refinement and charm.


This classic wedding flower remains a staple because of how effective they are in conveying your message. As most people know, red roses are a symbol of passionate love. On the other hand, white speaks of purity while pink shows your admiration.


Tulips are an excellent choice for spring weddings. These flowers come in a variety of colours, with each one representing something different. For example, yellow speaks of sunshine, while red is a declaration of love. Tulips with mixed colours talk of beautiful eyes.


Your choice of wedding flowers can have a significant meaning to you and your partner as a couple and to your guests. Whether it’s a proclamation of love or a promise of faithfulness, you can send all these messages through your chosen floral arrangements. To help you create the perfect bouquet and centrepieces, consider coordinating with florists in Dubai.

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