What Is the Meaning Behind the Different Orchid Colours

by Robert Canning on April 08, 2022

The language of flowers is quite an interesting thing. Through different flowers, you can convey different meanings - from love to jealousy to sorrow. And it's not just the different flower species. A species of flower can hold various meanings depending on its colour. And here, we're going to talk about the messages each hue of orchid portrays.

White Orchids

White orchids are a symbol of pure love and innocence. Flowering has something to do with the age of a lady, but as long as she blooms white orchids, she never seems to be too old. The fragility of the flower is also very charming. In fact, the best kind of orchid is the pure white in the world. You can also say that white orchids symbolise the admiration of men for women.

Yellow Orchids

Yellow orchids symbolise affluence. The huge price of the yellow orchid makes it a symbol of wealth. It is an extremely rare kind of orchid and is a show of wealth. They also symbolise a sense of achievement. There are many yellow orchids in the world, but those that are rare are considered the most valuable.

Red Orchids

Red is the most symbolic colour of love. Red orchids have a romantic connotation as well. The flower can be used to tell someone how you feel about them. Red also symbolises vigour and passion. Hence, you can use red orchids to convey your feelings for someone who is close to you.

Purple Orchids

Purple orchids symbolise royalty. Purple orchids are considered a symbol of regal bearing. They are rare; hence they are very expensive. The colour purple is also a symbol of royalty and nobility. This can be very useful in conveying your love to someone.

Pink Orchids

Pink is the symbol of femininity. The charming pink orchid is a romantic symbol. In fact, the pink orchid is the flower of a young lady in all its innocence. Therefore, you can use a pink orchid to convey your love to someone younger than you.

Blue Orchids

Blue orchids are a symbol of powerful emotion. The blue orchid is considered a symbol of deep and undying love. It signifies the kind of love that is so profound that it can never be forgotten. With a blue orchid, you can convey your feelings of undying love to someone.

Green Orchids

Green is a symbol of renewal. Green orchids are a symbol of the new beginning and the freshness that accompanies it. It is a symbol of a fresh start in a relationship as well. You can send a green orchid to someone with a clean slate.

Black Orchids

Black orchids are a symbol of death and destruction. It signifies an event that is going to change our lives forever. It is a symbol of mourning. It is also a symbol of failure. With a black orchid, you can convey your regret to someone.

Final Thoughts

An orchid is a rare and beautiful flower that can be used to convey any message. The different colours of orchids signify different meanings. If you want to convey something to someone, these meanings can be used to convey your message. So, if you want to use orchids to convey your message, be sure to know the meaning of each colour of the orchid. 

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