The Beautiful Magnolia: Their Meaning and Symbolism

by Robert Canning on August 20, 2021

For centuries, flowers have been a fantastic way of showing people how much you appreciate them. What's great about flowers is that each bloom has its own meaning and symbolism; that's why there's always a flower fit for any occasion. With that being said, flowers are more than just pretty things; in fact, they hold a lot of importance. 

One of the most popular flowers known for its femininity, purity, and dignity are magnolias. Magnolias are believed to represent perseverance and your love for nature, reminding the receiver to continue to carry one with your life and keep your chin and head up high. 

With that being said, giving a magnolia flower arrangement delivered to a close friend will mean the world to them, knowing that they are getting the support they need from a great friend like you. 

Magnolia's Symbolism and Colours

The magnolia has different meanings in different parts of the world. In China, magnolias represent loyalty and strength, while in Europe, magnolias are given to a person who has been hurt or cheated on to represent a return of past love. In Japan, magnolias display one's love for nature, while in America, it is often associated with the lovely culture of the South and springtime. 

Since magnolia has different meanings in various parts of the world, there's no surprise that they come in more than 210 varieties and are a fitting symbol for a woman's beauty and strength. 

History of the Magnolia Flower

Magnolias are one of the oldest flowers on earth, which is why it represents perseverance and endurance. This is because they've survived the test of time, making them resilient while keeping their delicateness. 

Since magnolia flowers can bloom for long periods and their trees can live for centuries, they are also associated with eternity and longevity and the Yin energy, which is the feminine energy. 

In feng shui, you should place magnolias in the front of your house to attract pleasant and restful energies. Putting it behind your home attracts a steady accumulation of wealth. Besides that, for the Chinese and Japanese, magnolias have been used for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years. Its oils and bark can help eliminate headaches, cramps, muscle pain, and more. 

In the west, during the Victorian period, magnolias were given to women to represent their partner's undying love and perseverance. This is also associated with marriage, often given at weddings to symbolise longevity, durability, and strength. 

The Different Colors of Magnolias

  • Green magnolias are often connected with health, good fortune, luck, and joy;
  • Pink magnolias represent love, romance, and femininity, making it the perfect flower for courtship and for a home, which signifies the love of the goddess Venus and Aphrodite;
  • Purple magnolias symbolise dignity and royalty and are often given to signify a person's spirituality. This is why purple magnolias are often seen in religious rituals;
  • Red Magnolias is often associated with passion and romance, making it a popular choice for flower arrangement delivers to show your partner how much you care about them;
  • White magnolias represent purity and spiritual cleanliness and are often connected to the moon and lunar goddesses;
  • Yellow magnolias symbolise happiness and friendship, making it the perfect flower to send to a platonic friend to signify your relationship's strength and bond. 

The Bottom Line: Magnolias are a Perfect Gift, You Just Need to Choose the Right Colour

Giving flowers has always been a great way to express your feelings towards someone — may it be romantic, platonic, or a simple gift for anyone's home. Thankfully, you can have flower arrangements delivered to your special someone, and you can incorporate magnolias to ensure your gift has more meaning and significance. 

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