Learn the Basic Principles of How to Arrange Flowers

by Robert Canning on October 29, 2021

Most people only have a passing interest when it comes to flower arrangements. This probably stems from the fact that even the simplest flower arrangements require skill and a good eye for design. Although flower arranging isn’t as simple as it seems, it can be learned with enough time and practice, just like any other creative skill.

If you’re interested in learning how to arrange flowers well, then you’ve probably done your research. There are plenty of places that offer classes on the basics and even advanced ways to arrange flowers. With the right eye and just enough imagination, you could probably create an impressive bouquet that functions as living and portable art. 

Flower arranging is all about design. To get started on your journey of learning how to arrange flowers, you have to understand the guiding principles. 

Here’s how you can get started:

Find the Right Balance

There’s no shortage of beautiful flowers out there. However, combining all of them doesn’t guarantee you a beautiful arrangement. Now, finding the right balance doesn’t refer to symmetry, although that is also a factor in this practice. Balance simply refers to the way your arrangement looks at the end. 

The flowers should be evenly distributed without any side looking lopsided and messy. That doesn’t mean your arrangement has to look perfectly symmetrical. 

If any sides of your arrangement look a little heavy, then you have some rearranging to do. As long as the weight is evenly distributed, it doesn’t matter what elements you use to do it. That will come down to design. 

Don’t Forget the Scale

One thing that beginners should know is that scale is significant when it comes to flower arranging. Whether you are giving the arrangement as a gift or keeping it for decoration, it’s vital that the flowers can fit into the space you have in mind. It shouldn’t take up so much space or obstruct one’s view. 

Keep in mind the purpose and location you have in mind for the arrangement. If you plan to move it around a little bit, you’ll want to arrange something that’s neither too big nor too small. If you’re creating something as a gift for someone’s bedside table, then it’s best to go small and design something miniature so that it doesn’t clash with the room. 

Choose a Dominant Element Dominance

Every arrangement should have a dominant element to add depth and complexity to your design. Anchoring your arrangement with a dominant component can help elevate the design. Of course, there are plenty of ways to highlight a dominant element. For example, you could use one aspect repeatedly. 

You can play around with the elements and see which aspect you would like to focus on. You could focus on a particular colour, texture, shape, or size. As long as your arrangement still looks united and harmonious, you will have a beautiful arrangement on your hand. 

Create a Rhythm

Another fundamental principle of flower arranging is all about rhythm. When people look at your arrangement, you want them to take more than just one look. Give them something fascinating to look at. Create a journey—a rhythm for their eyes to follow. You can do that by giving special attention to the little things of flowers; every petal counts. And if you can give it a purpose, it gives people something new to discover the longer they observe the arrangement.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re hoping to become the next grand Picasso of flower arranging or just simply interested in creating designs for yourself and others, these basic principles can guide you. 

You don’t necessarily have to take a class to learn these things. There are plenty of flowers you can practice on. You can pick some flowers out from a garden (preferably yours), buy artificial flowers or bouquets you can deconstruct and rearrange. 

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