The Feminine Urge For Floral: Knowing the Desire for Flowers

by Robert Canning on November 12, 2021

The feminine urge catchphrase that’s taking over social media lately has brought forth so many funny and relatable moments that ladies often experience. While some may be quite morbid, others are more sincere and empowering of the elements and desires that make up womanhood.

Flowers are often something that’s often associated with women, present in gifts, weddings, Valentine’s Days, and just about any holiday that you can think of. There can be quite a few questions to unpack there, though. If you want to uncover why girls like receiving flowers, continue reading to know more.

Do All Women Want Flowers?

Women are stereotyped to love flowers, but it’s important to see past that trope, just like how men are stereotyped to never like flowers when it can be the complete opposite. Some may actually adore seeing the bouquets, and others wouldn’t mind receiving them too.

The same applies to women, where there may be quite a few who would seek out a different kind of gift. Still, the continuing rise in the popularity of bouquets being given when it’s a woman’s birthday, anniversary, and the like suggests that many ladies are delighted to receive flowers. You can’t go wrong in adding it to your group of gifts for a special woman in your life.

Why Do Women Like Flowers So Much?

Many women are drawn to flowers because they’re associated with affection and appreciation. It’s been a traditional romantic gesture for one person to bring a lady flowers, so going a little old-fashioned for the woman that you love by bringing her a stem or bouquet will get you a grin.

Aside from the gesture being a practice for almost as long as history itself, it can just be a nice and appealing surprise to receive. It’s hard to feel upset when you’re faced with such a beautiful arrangement, vibrant colours, and more. Giving flowers to a woman is almost synonymous with saying how much you adore them and that you’re giving something nearly as beautiful as them.

What Kind Of Flowers Do Women Like?

There are plenty of flowers out in the world, and each woman might have their own personal favourite as well. However, if you’re feeling a bit clueless on what to give and how you can make her day special, here are some of the top flowers that women are sure to like:

  • Roses. You can never really go wrong with roses no matter what day or occasion it is, as they have been the symbol of love for centuries now. There are also different colours for you to choose from, like red to represent passion or white to stand for purity.
  • Tulips. Tulips can be rather dainty and sweet-smelling, especially when they come in quite a gorgeous assortment.
  • Sunflowers. Sunflowers have grown in popularity, and probably for good reason since the striking yellow petals are unforgettable.
  • Orchids. Orchids are rather delicate and fragile, but they also emanate a lovely scent and underrated beauty that your girl would surely appreciate.
  • Lilies. Lilies can be such beautiful flowers to hand to an important woman in your life, as their bloom and colour can be quite breathtaking in appearance.
  • Conclusion

    You never know whether a special woman in your life has the feminine urge to admire the flowers you’ve bought for her all day, so it’s best to get one step ahead of her. Show your appreciation and love towards them by bringing a bouquet of their favourite blossoms.

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