Get to Know More About Daisies Through These Fun Trivias

by Robert Canning on July 08, 2022

Daisies are more than just pretty flowers. There is a significant sentiment behind those cheerful blooms. Whenever you're feeling low, just look at a field of wild daisies or a Gerbera daisy bouquet - you'll instantly start smiling!

Daisies have long been seen as a symbol of cheerfulness, purity and innocence. Depending on cultural traditions and flower colours, each of them can mean different things to different people. 

Here are some universally true ideas. 

It Represents New Beginnings

Daisies represent a fresh start. If you know anyone who is graduating from school or someone having a promotion at work, send them a bouquet of daisies. They will surely remember your thoughtfulness as they embark on their new journey. 

It Symbolises Purity

As daisies represent purity, they are a popular use for weddings. Their soft petals are usually used for flower girls to throw down the aisle where the bride walks on. 

It Is Used to Welcome a Newborn Child

Daisies are a symbol of innocence. You can convey your congratulations and best wishes to the new parents by giving them a beautiful bouquet of daisies.

Defining Daisies By Their Colours

While daisies are commonly seen as a symbol of cheerfulness, purity and innocence, there's more to know behind their pretty colours.

Red Daisies

Red daisies symbolise passion and love. Show and express your deep affection to someone you love by giving them a bouquet of daisy flowers. 

White Daisies

Often called a symbol of innocence and purity, white daisies are used at weddings and as gifts for newborn babies.

Pink Daisies

Pink daisies represent childlike or spiritual love, positivity and joy.

Yellow Daisies 

Yellow daisies are the perfect way to cheer up a friend. These bright flowers are associated with happiness and friendship, so they're sure to put a smile on your loved one's face.

Orange Daisies

Flame orange daisies are a great way to show your friends how much you care. They represent warmth, friendship and joy. So don't let the day pass and send your besties orange daisies. 

Fun Facts about Daisies

Daisies are believed to be the birth flower month of April; in that manner, those people born in April are cheerful, trustworthy and optimistic in any way. 

As part of the Aster family, daisies are related to sunflowers and dandelions. Every flower has a distinct shape of a round centre surrounded by petals. 

A daisy's petals fold in during the night and open during the daytime. Multiple flowers open and close in response to light shifts, but daisies are some of the first to bloom every morning.

Each daisy has two types of flowers: ray and disc. The disc type of daisies is those with the small ones in the centre of the daisy, while the ray type only has the petals.


Daisies will never go out of style. But one thing’s for sure, flowers, whatever they are, are a great way to show your love and support for someone, especially during uncertain times. Go make someone’s day by sending them a flower bouquet! 

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