Key Floral Trends For 2020

by Robert Canning on June 24, 2020

Key Floral Trends For 2020 In uncertain times, floral trends are continually changing, switching and evolving. This flow of vibrant colour schemes and materials, arrangements, and decor are exciting. It means you can update your home with as little as one pot plant, or one fresh bouquet. It also means that if you send flowers to Dubai online, or you look up a florist Dubai, you can ensure you're sending the most modern and sought-after arrangements to your loved ones.

Certain themes within floral types, varieties and trends remain strong throughout 2020, and those are the trends we are going to connect you with today.

Here are the key floral trends for 2020:

More Gardening Overall

More Gardening Overall The pandemic has contributed to a massive increase in the number of people gardening in both their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Although many garden centres have closed, online garden supply orders have risen by over 90% in some areas.

Everybody is busy beautifying their homes with plants, to cultivate a healthy and happy space to spend the majority of their time in. It has also helped many with their anxiety, giving a physical and mental focus to hold on to.

Also, because supermarkets are much more difficult to access, and florist shops are shut in many areas, flowers online Dubai have also seen a considerable boost in orders. Many people want to reach out to loved ones with thoughtful gifts like gorgeous bouquets and cakes.

Bouquets and letterbox flowers UAE are likely to remain a trend in 2020 as people seek to show their love to friends and family they cannot reach in person.

Extra Greenery With Roses

Upscale and Posh Nature's Purity BouquetUpscale & Posh Nature's Purity Bouquet

Roses in bouquets and wedding arrangement are paired with lots of lush and beautiful greenery. Nature is seen in abundance with these displays, which are transformative for any space they are placed in.

A Play On Greens & Yellows

A play on greens and yellows is seen with different versions of the colours. Pastel, retro green is seen, along with a deeper, smoothie green. Yellows that contain more of a green tone are also popular. These tones are reflected in foliage and floral displays, pots and planters.


Upscale and Posh Fruits Of The Forest Bouquet

Upscale & Posh Fruits Of The Forest Bouquet


Wildflowers have been a trend for a while, but they continue to hold the hearts of homeowners across the world. Flowers that are more natural and seasonal are incredibly popular.

Bouquets and displays purchased and sent with flower delivery Dubai are more homegrown and reflective of a natural growing environment.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers and grasses were last on-trend in the '70s when pampas grass was a regular addition to many gardens in the UK at least.

Before you might find dusty, lacklustre dried flowers on offer in the odd shop, but nothing seemed modern enough to suit modern decor. Now, the methods of drying have improved, which means there is much more variety.

Pampas grass is back again and has been dried much more effectively. So the quality of its gorgeous creamy tones is better.

Lavender and spray flowers are also preserved much better, creating gorgeous creamy, long-lasting displays for homes embracing a cottage or bohemian styling.

Orangey Tones

Upscale and Posh First Smile Bouquet

Upscale & Posh First Smile Bouquet

Orangey tones started to sneak in last year as aged terracotta made its way into houseplant styling. Now, terracotta tones ranging from browns to apricot and even blush types are in everything from paints, to floral displays and bouquets sent via flower delivery UAE.

Caramel combinations, sandy sundries and the like are seen in various bouquets, like our beautiful First Smile selection. 


Gothic  Gothic florals are popular within gardens and indoor displays. Aubergine and plum in a darker tone are seen in both flowers and foliage. Displays are more moody and opulent, with rich jewel tones taking a darker turn.

Flowers To Reduce Stress

Upscale and Posh Tutti Frutti Display

Upscale & Posh Tutti Frutti Display

A key trend that initially started with the rise in stress levels, that then progressed as the pandemic began, is buying flowers that reduce stress. That could come in the form of merely having flowers around the house. Bouquets that come in water already, like our Tutti Frutti display which includes a free vase, is even less stressful because you can simply enjoy them as soon as they arrive via flower delivery.

Scented bouquets for relaxation, full of heady lavender or herbs are also popular. You can find out more about scents that are relaxing here.

It would also be with trends like fairy gardens and terrariums, bonsai and propagation. Tending to small and manageable displays can be great for mental health. Take a look at this great Fireflyintheroom Youtube video for tips on creating your fairy garden at home.

Succulents In Bouquets

Upscale and Posh Lush BouquetUpscale & Posh Lush Bouquet

A complete bouquet with succulents or a bouquet featuring a few succulents has become the new decorative cabbage bouquet that ruled the quirky bouquet roost not too long ago. A beautiful succulent bouquet, like our Lush Bouquet available via flowers online Dubai, ensures this gorgeous plant takes centre stage. The natural shape and rich tones make the perfect centrepiece. Even better, you can grow the succulent on, or take its leaves to propagate.

Community Action & Remote Classes

Community Action and Remote Classes

As various businesses related to the florist industry are affected by the pandemic, innovation and compassion have become key to their survival. Companies have been innovative in how they survive. Many florists from a flower shop in Sharjah or local to you, for example, have been selling online floristry classes.

Florist Dubai and near to you are also reaching out in different ways, and providing their support to key workers for free.

Communities are supporting their local businesses where possible. Local florist shops are encouraged where possible, instead of national companies and organisations who may be better placed to survive difficulties.


Upscale and Posh Harmony Bouquet

Upscale & Posh Harmony Bouquet

Pastels are everywhere at the moment. They appear in decor, in clothes, even in makeup trends. It is no surprise then that they also appear in floral displays. Pastels like those in our Harmony Bouquet available via flower delivery Dubai have gorgeous, unicorn vibes, complementing any modern home with stunning spring tones.

Popular & Trendy Varieties

Popular and Trendy VarietiesCertain flowers have their 'year' keeping floral displays fresh and different annually. This year we will see the Limonium honey apricot, butterfly ranunculus, french tulip Menton, yellow mimosas, eucalyptus and wildflowers all feature in the trendiest bouquets. Although these flowers aren't the only trend, they will be seen at the forefront of cutting edge floristry and design.

Rare Plants & Flowers

Upscale and Posh Simply Beautiful Bouquet

Upscale & Posh Simply Beautiful Bouquet

As plants, in general, become more prevalent in all aspects of our lives, it makes sense that we might seek the rarer types. Maybe you want something nobody else has? Or you enjoy collecting something less usual.

Houseplants have already seen this trend with rare plants like Monstera Albo or Thai Constellation fetching over 220 Dirhams at least for a single leaf!

With floral bouquets, there's a thirst for something a bit different to make the bouquet extra special. Succulents, as we mentioned above, are an aspect of that trend. Unusual flowers, like the rare blue orchids in our Simply Beautiful bouquet, are on-trend. Rare plants and flowers Dubai appeal to those who want to gift loved ones with something extraordinary and unique.


Upscale and Posh Orchid Double StemUpscale & Posh Orchid Double Stem

Houseplants are a massive trend in everything it seems. From Monstera leaf T-shirt's, palm print bed sets and leafy shower curtains, you can see this trend everywhere.

The best thing is, everybody can take part. Many plants are easy to take care of, like cacti or pothos. If you want something slightly more challenging, orchids, like our gorgeous double stemmed white orchid, can give you that focus for nurturing if you want it.

Eco-Friendly/ Sustainable Gardening


Upscale and Posh Orchid Double Stem

Nearly 70% of Americans are worried about the environment, and the remaining 30% are apprehensive about it. There is no getting away from the fact that it features highly in the concerns of many.

This echoes true in gardening and floristry too. Florists are buying flowers UAE locally where they can and supporting more sustainable suppliers where possible.

At home, many gardeners are switching from peat as composting material. Peat is taken from peat bogs which are unique ecosystems made over thousands of years. Most sustainable gardeners agree that it is not ethical to use peat-based composing materials for growing.

There are now many composts available that does not contain peat. You can even garden completely soil-free these days with materials like LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregates) which is a very trendy compost alternative. Lots of hydroponic systems are also available to try, enabling you to grow in soil-free mediums like moss or water.

The awareness is there, and although you can't always be perfect, it is a good idea to try and do your best by the planet when it comes to your floral displays and gardening.

How To Stay Up-To-Date With Floral Trends

If you enjoy keeping up to date with the latest in floral trends, there are lots of places that you can look to get your fix.

Youtube is a great place to find out about the latest trends. Have a browse using search terms like 'floral trends' and see what comes up. Once you have started watching one video, lots of suggestions will come up for you to follow.

Other places that are great for floral trends are Instagram and Pinterest because of their visual focus. For chats, Reddit and Twitter are good choices.

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." - Alan Watts

We hope that our tips and information on the latest floral trends has left you feeling inspired. New ideas are always welcome to enhance wellbeing, imagination, decor and ideas.

If you would like to keep up to date with floral trends and inspiration, please do keep an eye on our regularly updated website and blog. You'll find plenty of tips and tricks here, as well as gorgeous fresh cut flowers, plants and floral products available to order for flower delivery Dubai.

They are perfect for treating your family, friends and yourself on special occasions, or just because.


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