Helpful Tips to Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh and Beautiful

by Robert Canning on August 02, 2021

It’s always nice to give or receive flowers. No matter the occasion, it’s never a bad idea to present premium flowers to the people you love to remind them you’re thinking about them. But when you’re on the receiving end, you want to make sure the flowers you get can last for a long time.

If your significant other, best friend, or family member recently gave you flowers, the least you can do is show your appreciation by displaying the flowers to help enhance your home. To guarantee your flowers remain fresh, precious, and beautiful, you must go out of your way to watch over them. 

Keep reading below to find out ways to extend the lifespan of your blooms to keep them looking in excellent condition for the days to follow. 

Take Out the Guard Petals

After you receive your flower bouquet, the first thing you may want to do is unwrap it to see the lovely array of flowers complementing each other. If you wish to admire them in all their glory, you could remove their guard petals, especially if you receive roses.

The guard petals stand to safeguard your flowers from potential damage, whether it’s due to the handling or delivery method involved. Now that the bouquet is safe and sound in your hands, you can remove the guard petals to allow your flowers to remain fresh and free from damage.

Give Your Flowers Water

Depending on the location of the flower shop that your sender picked out, you can expect your flowers to be quite thirsty once they arrive at your house. The moment you take them out of their packaging, you should make an effort to give the flowers some water.

Whether they look dull or not, all your bouquet needs is a little sip to make them look fresher than ever. Right after you pick the perfect container to place them in, you should give them the water they deserve for making it to your house in one piece.

Care for Your Buds Properly 

If your loved one ordered a luxury flower delivery for you, sometimes, what you receive on your doorstep doesn’t quite look like the pictures you see on the internet. However, that could only mean that instead of getting flowers in full bloom, you acquire them in bud form.

It will take a while for the buds to grow into beautiful and full-grown blooms. However, it will become worth it once you witness your flowers have a longer lifespan. Besides, encountering their slow but sure transformation is a unique experience that makes receiving flowers all the more exciting and memorable.

Pick the Perfect Vase

Part of finding a container for your fresh flowers is selecting a vase that’s big enough to keep your flower arrangement in one place. Since your loved one either picked out each of the flowers themselves or asked for help from the florist, you want to show them you appreciate all their hard work by keeping them looking the same, if not better.

If you have vases lying around, make sure to clean them first using soap and water before reusing them for your new flowers. That way, you prevent bacteria, germs, and viruses from infecting your flowers.  


Nothing beats the joy of receiving a floral arrangement you didn’t quite expect. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or an average day, sending and receiving flowers is always a good idea. But if you wish to keep your blossoms around, you should learn how to take care of them properly. It will help to take out the guard petals, give your flowers water, care for your buds, and pick the perfect vase that will ensure you can keep your flowers around for a long time. 

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