How to Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh & Where to Put Them

by Robert Canning on June 17, 2022

If you have a home or office space designated for displaying freshly cut flowers, then lucky you! However, not everybody has this luxury, and many people struggle to put their flowers in the right place.

If you have a large vase to accommodate the blooms, just make sure it is clean and has been disinfected, and you're good to go. You will also probably want to keep your flowers in a well-lit spot so that the true beauty of your fresh flowers can be seen. That would be the perfect place for your floral arrangement.

What If I Don't Have a Display Area?

If you don't have a formal flower display area, that's okay; you can get creative with how you display fresh flowers. Maybe you want to showcase them like a centrepiece at a desk, a dining room table, or a foyer console. Or, you want to be able to carry them around the house and enjoy their beauty. 

You can put them in a clear vase or bowl that you can easily move from place to place. Remember that you must keep your flowers well-watered to keep them healthy and good-looking. After selecting your vase or location, you should clean and disinfect it before placing the fresh flowers in it. 

What If I Don't Have a Container?

If you aren't displaying your fresh flowers in a container, you can simply pull up a chair and enjoy them in a bowl or bucket. Then, you can place the bucket or bowl in a convenient spot. Just remember that if you keep your fresh flowers in a bucket or bowl, then you will need to keep it filled with clean water.

Let There Be Light

It's important to remember to keep your fresh flowers in a well-lit spot. Your fresh flowers will last longer and look better if they receive a lot of indirect sunlight. So, if you don't have a formal urn or vase, get creative and find a fun way to display them in a place where they will receive plenty of sunlight.

If You Live in a Room with Little to No Sunlight

Always try to keep your fresh flowers in a well-lit area. If you live in a room with little to no sunlight, you can purchase a lamp meant to simulate sunlight. Or, you can move your fresh flowers to another part of your home with more sunlight.

If You Have Some Sunlight Indoors

If you have sunlight indoors, but it's not coming from the window where your fresh flowers are placed, you can purchase a grow light. If you can do this, you will be able to keep your fresh flowers for longer.

How to Keep Your Fresh Flowers Stem Happy

Always remember to keep your fresh flowers well-watered. It's just as essential to keep their stems happy, too. To keep their stems happy, trim the bottom of the stems so that they are pointing straight up. You can trim them every other day if they start to bend.

Other Tips to Keep Your Fresh Flowers Healthy

Other things to do to keep your fresh flowers healthy include the following:

  • Keep them away from air vents
  • Keep them out of harsh, direct sunlight
  • Move your fresh flowers if they start to fade
  • Keep them away from doors and windows where they might get bumped
  • Keep them away from pets and kids
  • Remove dead flowers


We all love fresh flowers, but sometimes it's hard to know where to place them. If you have ever had a fresh flower arrangement that you've thought, "I love it, but where will I place it?" then this article is for you. Hopefully, we've given you some great ideas about where to locate your fresh flowers so that you can outfit an entire flower garden with spectacular arrangements.

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