8 Tricks Florists Use to Keep Flower Arrangements Last Longer

by Robert Canning on March 04, 2022

Florists have a lot more contact with flowers than most people realise. A lot of us have a hard time keeping plants alive at home, but florists are able to collect and use their skills in a new way every day, even when they’re not designing flowers. It might sound kind of crazy, but florists use a bunch of tricks to keep flowers looking lively, pretty and crisp. What are those tricks?

1. Cut the Stems Before You Place Them in Water

One of the best ways to make flowers look fresh longer is to cut their stems before putting them in water. When you do this, you open the stem, increasing the surface area and allow the flower to take up water more efficiently. This can help keep the flower looking bright and perky.

2. Remove Extra Leaves

Likely, you’ve seen flowers feature a lot of leaves. These are supposed to look pretty, but they aren’t necessarily needed to look beautiful. Florists remove these extra leaves to ensure the flower doesn’t look sloppy. It also opens up the flower and makes it look perkier.

3. Use the Right Size of Container or Vase

Florists recommend using the right size container or vase when you want to help your flowers look fresh. If you use an overlarge container or vase, the flower will tend to hang over the edge. In this case, it might look pretty, but it also looks like it’s about to fall off. If you use a small container or vase, the flowers can look like they’re just falling apart. The best way to make sure your flowers look fresh is to use a vase or container that is just slightly larger than the flowers.

4. Replace the Water Every Two Days

Although this tip is not specifically focused on helping the flower look good, it does help keep it looking fresh. By replacing the water every two days, you’re also replacing the nutrients for the flowers and helping them look perky.

5. Re-Cut the Stems Every Few Days

Every few days, you should re-cut the stems of your flowers. It’s a good idea to do this when you are adding more water, as well.

6. Put Some Misting Spray Around the Flower

When designing your flower arrangements, you might want to put some misting spray on the flower to help it look a little perkier. Just be sure to use a misting spray that won’t hurt the flower.

7. Avoid Overwatering

If you want to keep flowers looking fresh, you need to avoid over-watering them. Florists recommend using a spray bottle to deliver small amounts of water to the flower and keeping an eye on how much water is used. You don’t want to use it too much.

8. Use the Right Kind of Water

Like with people, you need to make sure that the water you use has the right nutrients to help the flower look and stay fresh. Make sure it’s good, filtered water.

You Can Do It Yourself!

Florists have a lot of know-how that they use to keep their flowers looking great. These tips will help you do the same.

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