6 Important Things That Should Be On Your Wedding Checklist

by Robert Canning on November 19, 2021

After the first ecstatic rush of the engagement wears off, you'll have to get down to business planning your wedding. It's always preferable to know as much as you can to make your wedding a day to remember, whether you're a natural bridezilla or a laid-back bride-to-be.

Here is a list of helpful tips to help you plan your big day, from deciding on a broad theme to tackling more particular responsibilities like arranging for your wedding flower delivery. 

1. Theme

Almost every year, wedding themes and trends change. While many women believe that going with a popular theme is the safest option, you should not feel obligated if none of them suits your style.

Choose one or two preferred colours and use them as the central theme. If you prefer a conceptual theme, it can relate to a favourite pastime, a musical genre, or a vacation spot—and use it as a starting point for the rest of your checklist.

2. Invitations

Your wedding invitations are incredibly important as they're the first thing your guests will see. Invitations are often sent three to four months before the wedding day. You may always be cautious and send them out earlier, especially to guests who live far away.

The typical invitation size is 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches; however, you can select another configuration if you want something different. Note that off-size invites may incur additional postal fees.

3. Cake

One of the most important and exciting aspects of every wedding is the cake. It's critical to select a cake that is not only attractive but also tasty. Take your time sampling potential cake flavours, and don't be scared to talk about your own ideas. Remember that you'll be the first to try it, so you should enjoy it!

4. Party Favours

Designing one-of-a-kind party favours needs careful consideration. You don't want anything too customised for your guests to use, but you also don't want something generic or dull.

If you want to put your names on the favours, consider putting them on the packaging instead of the item itself. Choose brightly coloured boxes with ribbons, dried flowers, and other unique embellishments. Depending on your theme, you can choose to go for a modern or traditional design.

5. Decorations

The decorations set the ambience of the event. To build a setting that suits your theme and style, learn to dabble with colours, patterns, and other details. Here are some suggestions to think about:

  • Depending on your colour palette, drapes may make your venue look traditional or modern.
  • Use a variety of flower arrangements. Flowers are commonly used as table centrepieces, but don't let this limit your inventiveness. Hang garlands and flower pouches above the tables and in other strategic locations to keep your visitors' gazes upward rather than below.
  • Create table centrepieces using herbs, leaves, and other blossoms. Inquire with your florist about which herbs and other plants go best with your chosen motif. They should be delighted to assist!

Don't limit yourself to one flower type. Red roses are romantic, but peonies and ranunculus are also popular wedding flowers. Alternatively, tropical blossoms will give your celebration a more earthy, bohemian feel. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can consult with your local florist.

6. Bridal Bouquet

Without the bouquet, the bridal outfit isn't quite complete. While symmetrical bouquets are still popular, an increasing number of brides are opting for organic bouquets with stunning asymmetrical floral arrangements.

Nearly all flowers can work nicely with white wedding outfits. Don't worry if you want to wear a gown in a different hue. Flowers come in a broad range of colours and may be used to complement any colour scheme.


Hopefully, these tips will help you plan the best wedding ever! Prepare the theme, invitations, decors, cake, party favours, and bridal bouquet on time. And if you need help choosing the best bouquet for you, make sure to check with floral shops near you.

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