5 Most Ideal Areas to Place Houseplants in a Household

by Robert Canning on January 28, 2022

Home gardening and houseplants are two of the most unexpected trends to hit. Once called a hobby for older individuals, gardening isn’t a hobby people learn for fun, especially those at the peak of their youth. However, due to the internet, many people saw the hobby as a way to destress, enjoy, and have fun.

One of the challenging aspects of taking care of houseplants is not knowing where to place them. It can be a challenge, especially for people living in small spaces, those without an opening for a garden, or people who simply do not have enough space to squeeze in another pot of plant. But there are ideal places in a household where a plant should fit; here are some ideas.

1. Couch Corners

Plants can bring a home to life and make it look more natural and inviting. Realtors say plants brighten up spaces, making them not just look more appealing but feel more relaxing. Not to mention, they help reduce stress by essentially working as an air purifier, taking in the bad air and filtering good air to release into the air.

The best part is that you can use indoor plants in your home, bringing a room home to life. If you have a corner in your couch, there’s no reason not to fill it with a plant or two. Many people don’t put plants here because they don’t see it as a logical choice or think it will be in the way. However, if you use a small pot and the right plant, you can have an excellent corner for a small but mighty plant.

2. Dining Table Top

If you have a small dining table with a small surface, there is no reason to leave it bare. Instead of letting dining tables become a free space, you can use that surface to place a decorative plant that can be a part of the decor and not just a decoration.

You can have a cactus, a succulent, or any other plant that will grow in a small pot and thrive in your dining room. It is perfect if you have limited space or a small dining table and want a touch of colour. Additionally, you could use a plant as an alternative to a centrepiece.

3. Toilet Tank Top

You might wonder why you would place a plant in a toilet tank, but this is a reasonable and environmental way to put plants. You will not have to worry about a plant dying and having to replace it in that hole; the plant will be right there. Additionally, the toilet tank is one of the most used parts in the bathroom, so it will serve as a reminder to stop and take some time to relax, slowing down from your busy schedule.

4. Foyer

People entering your home should already be welcomed by the smell of your home, the decor, and in many cases, the scented candles if you have them. However, with a plant in the foyer, you can set the tone of your home even before they step inside your home.

If you don’t have a large living room or want to use that space with a plant, the foyer is always an option. It is a great way to let your guests know they enter your home. If they step inside your home and notice it is empty in the foyer, they might feel confused and think you are not home.


Plants are a great way to bring life to your home, and there are many ways to use them to make your home more welcoming and relaxing. There are no rules on how to place them, so feel free to experiment, and you will find the best place for your plants. Remember that you are more than welcome to make your space in the home fit you and make your area unique.

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