How to Say “I Love You” Best with These Flower Options

by Robert Canning on May 06, 2022

It is a time-honoured tradition to express feelings through flowers. One of the most heartfelt and often fraught emotions is love, which the presentation of a single rose, wildflower, or daisy can sometimes define. Though each bloom has its meaning, what gives your flower bouquet its distinct purpose is the feeling you put behind it. 

Still, some people enjoy learning which flowers say what. Romantic love, friendship, fidelity, and eternal love can all be expressed with the right flowers, which we’ll help you with today.

Alstroemeria Is an Amazing Choice

Also known as Peruvian lilies or lily of the Incas, alstroemerias are beautiful and versatile. In the Victorian era, they symbolised devotion to express commitment to the one you love. So if you want to say, "I love you, and I am devoted to you," a bouquet of alstroemeria is the right choice. Send these beautiful flowers alone for a powerful statement about love, or pair them with the other flowers in this list for an extra meaningful touch.

A Bouquet of Baby’s Breath

In Victorian times, people thought baby’s breath flowers symbolised everlasting love. That’s why this flower is often given as a symbol of love. In addition, tons of brides also use it in their bouquets. It’s a beautiful way to show how much you love someone with its tiny petals adorned across a wedding bouquet. What’s better than this delicate, little bloom for expressing that you’ll love somebody forever? Maybe a bouquet of baby’s breath and alstroemeria!

Red Roses Are a Tradition for a Reason

Red often means “I love you” in flowers, especially roses since it is considered an intense colour. Red chrysanthemums are sometimes used to convey love, though roses are more popular. To add visual interest to an arrangement of flowers that express eternal love, ask your local florist to include amaranth or some other unusual flowers.

Sometimes, a Quantity of Flowers Works, Too

Ordering a bouquet online is convenient to show someone you care about. Online florists allow customers to mix and match their preferred flowers to create unique bouquets from local florists. This is in stark contrast to typical flower shops that curate uniform arrangements. The ability to send flowers with a unique design to someone you care about on a special occasion is only a click away, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Yellow, I Pink You’re Awesome, Dear Friend

Roses don’t just express romantic love. They’re also indicative of the filial bond between two people! Friendships can last for decades, years, or even moments, but what about the flowers that appear in the wake of those friendships? 

For instance:

  • Yellow roses mean “you have made me happy.” 
  • If a pink rose is involved, the relationship has more intensity and is considered a red rose—like the red rose, which means “you are my love.” 
  • Iris carries the meaning “you have such a great friend, and I appreciate it.” 
  • An ivy represents fidelity and is a flower that can be given to a loved one.


Just as many kinds of love (romantic, filial, platonic, etc.), specific flowers express that bond for you. This list should help you do the trick. Pick the right bouquet and send it to your loved ones, so they know exactly how you feel.

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