Hydrangeas: A Summer Bloom You Don’t Know Enough About

by Robert Canning on August 27, 2021

Hydrangeas are a timeless flower and one of our favorite summer blooms. These bushes, common in British gardens, produce enormous spectacular flower heads of clusters of tiny flowers. 

Hydrangeas have become more popular as cut flowers owing to their flexibility and stunning, eye-catching look. These flowers are available in all hues of pink, blue, purple, and creamy white, and rustic green. The enormous flowers and profusion of lace-like petals provide a beautiful focal point in any arrangement and give a touch of antique elegance and British charm.

What Does Hydrangeas Mean? 

Hydrangea is derived from the Greek words hydor and angos, which means "water vessel." That was selected because hydrangea seed capsules resemble cups. However, it is a fitting name in another way—hydrangeas like water and cut flowers are notoriously thirsty. Hortensia is another name for hydrangeas, taken from the Latin word for “garden”. 

How to Get The Color You Want? 

The chemical composition of the soil determines the color of the bloom on some hydrangea types. Acidic soils will provide blue or purple flowers, while alkaline soils will yield pink or red petals. If you're serious about obtaining the perfect hydrangea color, you'll need to get the pH just right. For blue hydrangeas, that means less than 5.5. Pink hydrangeas need more alkaline soil with a pH greater than 6.5. Meanwhile, purple flowers will appear if the pH is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Where Did Hydrangeas Come From? 

Hydrangeas are native to Asia and North America. The majority of hydrangea species are endemic to eastern Asia, including Japan, China, and Korea. They have been grown in Japan for ages. They are referenced in poetry dating back to 710 A.D. and are portrayed in ancient art. They have a great deal of cultural importance in Japan and are often planted in Buddhist temples. When these lovely flowers appear in early June, they even have their celebrations. 

There are a few hydrangea species-specific to North America, including the Oakleaf Hydrangea and the Smooth Hydrangea. These are often found in hardwood woods with rich, wet soil. Of course, they can now be found throughout the globe and are very popular as garden plants. 

What Does Hydrangeas Symbolize? 

Hydrangeas are associated with a variety of metaphorical meanings. Pink hydrangeas, for example, symbolize love, honesty, and genuine feelings, while blue blooms represent appreciation, forgiveness, and understanding. Purple hydrangeas represent a desire to learn more about someone. 

Hydrangeas are often linked with apologies in Japan. According to an ancient Japanese tale, one monarch presented blue hydrangeas to the lady he loved as a genuine apology for ignoring her. Pink hydrangeas are believed to indicate to someone that they are the beat of your heart in Asia. 

Surprisingly, the Victorians had a far more pessimistic attitude about hydrangeas. Their flowery language conveyed coded messages via flowers, but for hydrangeas, it was almost always negative. Their enormous blooms were thought to show boastfulness and conceit, and Victorians often gave blue hydrangeas to spurned love partners to criticize their coldness and overall heartlessness. Receiving hydrangeas was nearly generally seen as an insult back then, but this is no longer the case.

How Can You Make Your Blooms Last? 

Hydrangeas will often survive around ten days in a vase if you refill their water regularly. On the other hand, it may survive considerably longer with a bit of additional care. All you have to do now is dry them. 

Place them in a vase with just a few inches of water, and then let them alone. As the water evaporates, the hydrangeas will dry up over time. They may be stored for a year or two after drying. Dried hydrangeas are very delicate, so don't move them around too much, or they'll shatter. It won't always work, but if you want to keep your lovely hydrangeas in your house for longer, it's certainly worth a try since it's so easy.

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