Flowery Words: How You Can Say Thank You through Flowers

by Robert Canning on July 07, 2022

You can never go wrong with flower arrangements delivery. They are universally acceptable gifts and can be given for any occasion. Floral arrangements are the perfect gift unless you know the recipient is allergic to flowers. 

They look beautiful, smell good, and last a long time. There are many kinds of flowers, and they come in many different colours. Whatever the occasion or the colour theme of the party, there is always a flower arrangement that will be perfect.   

Before dashing off to order flower arrangements delivery, you should know some tenets about flowers. Doing so will help you present the right message to the recipient.

What Are the Messages Flowers Can Convey?

Flowers convey different messages. An arrangement that uses only one type of flower may mean friendship, while a combination of several blooms may signify passion. 

The colour of the flowers is essential because it indicates the mood. White flowers, for example, symbolize innocence, reverence, and sympathy. On the other hand, red flowers mean passion, love, and romance.

For a deeper understanding, you should familiarize yourself with flower types. That way, you will be able to select suitable arrangements.

Sweet Pea

A popular brand uses sweet pea as a base for one of its signature fragrances. Why not use this for your flower arrangements delivery? The blooms are round and delicate and come in a variety of colours.  

In the Victorian era, it signifies fond good-byes or gratitude. If you add this to the bouquet, it will reinforce the message of gratitude.


If you want to convey the message of gratitude, you might have second thoughts about using roses. This flower is associated with love and passion, but you can use different colours for different meanings. 

With that said, you might want to use pink or peach. It symbolizes affection, which is synonymous with gratitude.


If you want to create an impression, opt for hydrangea. This flower is associated with the hue of blue and symbolizes everlasting love – a suitable expression of gratitude. To further add to its beauty, use small flowers as accents. They can be white, but they are commonly blue to complement the tone of the hydrangea.


Lilies are commonly used when expressing love and passion. They are similar to roses, but you can use them to convey your message of gratitude. To create a more elegant arrangement, use other flowers like delphiniums and roses to frame the lilies.

Are Flowers Enough to Convey Your Gratefulness?

Flowers, by themselves, are enough to convey your feelings of gratitude. However, adding a card, or an enclosure, will give it a personal touch. In your message, you can better articulate how the recipient has helped you and why you are saying "thank you".

If you are unsure what to write, you can refer to sample messages. Just refer to a dictionary for synonyms of gratitude. You can even write about how grateful you are that you are alive, to feel the sun and the breeze, to hear the birds chirping, and to know you are loved. 


Regardless of the seemingly insignificant act, it is always nice to say "thank you" to someone who has made a difference in your life. Why not begin your flower arrangements delivery? It will tell the person how grateful you are.

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