How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Robert Canning on August 02, 2021

Adding flowers to your home gives beauty to your interiors and transforms your dull space into a relaxing one. With their wide variety of colors, styles, and scents, they can also uplift your mood and help you unwind. This is why it’s an excellent practice to order fresh flowers for your interiors.

Now that your flower arrangement delivery just arrived, you have to find ways to preserve their beauty and keep them in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your fresh flowers looking good. Here are some tips for unpacking, preparing, and processing your flowers properly:

Bring the Flowers Indoors

Keep an eye out for your flower delivery on the day it is expected to arrive. Once your floral arrangement is ready, bring it inside right away to keep its freshness. Doing so prevents any damage and limits their exposure from extreme heat or cold, especially if you order them during harsh seasons.

Prepare Your Tools and Working Area

Before unpacking your flowers, have all your tools and area ready. An ideal workstation for handling flowers is a flat surface without any clutter, like a spacious dining room table or kitchen island. You also need to prepare a sharp pair of pruning shears and the appropriate vases where you will place your flowers.

Unpack the Flowers

After preparing your tools and workstation, it’s time to bring out your floral arrangement. Start putting your beautiful flowers on display by keeping them in the plastic sleeve and cutting a half inch off the bottom part of their stems. Afterwards, place them in a vase of fresh water for a few hours. This will prepare the thirsty flowers before moving onto the next step of flower preservation.

Continue Unpacking

Discard the protective packaging once the flowers are out of the box. Start by getting rid of the rubber brand from the stems, then remove the plastic film without hassle by tearing along its crease. Next, unwrap the remaining rubber band around the flowers and remove the little nets from the blooms. If you see a packet of flower food in your delivery, keep it as it will come in handy in the future.  

Remove the Leaves

It’s time to move on to the flower processing details. This involves removing any excess leaves because they are prone to getting infected by bacteria when they are left sitting in water for too long. To prevent this, separate the stems and get rid of all the leaves, particularly those that fall below the waterline of the vase.

Give Your Flowers a Trim

After removing the leaves, give your flowers a trim by cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle using your pruning shears. This angle is ideal than the classic 90-degree cut because a sharper angle allows flowers to absorb more fresh water. Remember to cut precisely by taking between a half-inch and one inch off of the stems.

Add Water to the Vase

For the final step, fill your vase of choice with cool water and a half of the packet of the flower food. You can use the remaining half in the future once you change your flower’s water. Finally, it’s time to place your flowers into the vase.


Arranging flowers is a valued art form that beautifies your home and lets you express your creativity. Whether you received flowers for a special occasion or you bought them yourself just because you like looking at them, keeping them fresh and in good condition for a long time is important. Meanwhile, if you want to add more flowers to your living space, reach out to a trusted floral shop near you today.

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