Flowers for a Friend: How To Give Flowers for a Performance

by Robert Canning on November 12, 2021

It is not uncommon to see someone gift performers with flowers after a show. Not only is it a wonderful gesture, but it is also affordable. If you want to show support and appreciation for friends and family after a performance, flowers are an ideal gift.

However, you may wonder what kind of flowers are good to give and how to give them. There are many options to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, though! Here’s a guide on how to give flowers after a performance.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Each flower has a different meaning and message. So, if you intend to send a specific message with your flowers, you must do your research. For example, Daisies mean innocence, while Calla Lilies symbolise beauty and magnificence.

If you do want to make yours more unique, you can consult with florists near you to ask for advice. Make sure to choose flowers that are in season to ensure their fresh look. Furthermore, make sure to choose flowers that aren't too strong in fragrance since most performing venues are enclosed areas.

Working with Florists

Many florists now offer pre-made bouquets for specific occasions. However, you also have the option to have one custom-made, depending on your taste. Look for flower shops near you to see what they offer and contact the ones you like most.

Furthermore, a lot of flower shops now offer luxury flower delivery services. In case you are unable to attend the show, these shops can deliver the flowers for you. Otherwise, you can ask to pick up the flowers from them and you can deliver the flowers personally.

Who to Give Flowers To

Other people may think flowers are only to be given to females. However, that is not the case. Flowers can be given to both male and female performers.

You can give flowers to any of your friends or family members. It really depends on you on who you want to give them to.

When to Give Flowers

Traditionally, it is more ideal to give flowers backstage before the show. Most people have it delivered to the dressing rooms of the performer. This will allow some privacy, and there would not be many distractions as compared to immediately after a show.

However, if you choose to give flowers personally, you can give them later on after the show. You can give it in a more private setting and not on stage. Giving flowers immediately on stage is rude as it disrupts the closing of the performance, and it would also be more difficult.

Other Gifts

If you want to give other gifts aside from flowers, you can. Some other gifts that you can give are bracelets, a small cake, wine or whatever you think they would like. You can do this at your own discretion.

If you don't want to spend more, but want to give another gift, that is also possible. With the flowers, you can add a card or a letter. This will allow you to express your message or well-wishes even more.

Gifting Flowers

Sending flowers as a gift for a performance is very popular. It shows how you wish them well or congratulate them for their show. It is a thoughtful and affordable gift that anyone can easily appreciate. But don’t settle for just any kind of flowers; have a bouquet of flowers arranged by a florist you trust.

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