How To Create The Perfect Working Environment With A Little Help From Mother Nature

by Robert Canning on June 22, 2020


Find out how to enhance your working space with plants, flowers and natural light.

Find out how to enhance your working space with plants, flowers and natural light.

With the current worldwide situation, we all face, working from home is something the majority of us are forced to do. Even if you can get to an office, you’re likely to be more alone than ever because of social distancing guidance.

With that in mind, having a beautiful and productive space to work in is more important than ever. If you have managed to get up, get somewhat dressed and get yourself ready to work with all this going on, you do deserve to be surrounded by lovely things.

Would you like some tips on cultivating a beautiful office environment?

We can help.

We’ve got lots of tips, information and guidance to get your working space looking and feeling stunning.

Our focus?

Mother Nature.

No, really. A comfy chair is excellent but trust us when we say that Mother Nature can help you be more productive, motivated, and focused at work. It can give you good vibes all around.

Let’s take a closer look at Mother Nature and its essential role in your perfect workspace:

Why You Should Boost Your Workspace With Nature 

There are lots of scientific studies and papers that tell us plants and flowers are fantastic for our working space. Even views of green spaces can be helpful. Here are some of the ways plants, flowers and other tasty chunks of nature can help you work better according to science:

Green Offices With Plants Make You More Productive

A study by The University Of Exeter found that despite refined building designs being more economical, offices with plants and more of a biophilic design improved staff productivity more. Enriching a lean office with plants, like our stunning single stem orchid, helps staff feel more engaged, and more involved in their work cognitively, emotionally and physically.

Upscale & Posh Single Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid

Upscale & Posh Single Stem Phalaenopsis Orchid 

Nature In The Workplace Makes You Feel More Relaxed

The environment you work in has a significant impact on how you feel. Merely viewing nature in some way has been shown to make the brain more relaxed. Any exposure to nature in some form has been proven to ease your mind into an improved state, reducing stress and strain.

Nature In The Workspace Makes You Happier

More nature in the workspace, in the form of plants, flowers, natural light and access to the outdoors all contribute to more happiness. Studies have shown that contact with nature in the workplace improves employee happiness, even if that natural contribution to the space is tiny.

More Nature In The Space You Work Makes You More Creative

Information published by National Geographic showed the importance of nature when it comes to creativity and overall brain function. Going for a walk can help free your brain up and allow those ideas to flow, but adding nature to the place you work can be very helpful too.

Plants Clean The Air

Plants naturally clean the air using a process called phytoremediation. They remove pollutants from the air, absorbing them into their leaves and roots. 

How To Boost Your Workspace With Mother Nature

Now you know why you should give your working space a boost with natural elements, we can help you understand how to do it.

It is one thing knowing that your working space needs to be X, Y and Z but, if you’re not really into the decor, it is a whole other ball game doing it. Will a picture of some grass do? What about that wilted ficus with dust in from the hall?

Here are some tips to help you get nature all up in your workspace, in the best possible way:

Do You Have The Right Workspace?

Assuming that you work from home, is it possible that your workspace could be closer to nature? Could you have a garden office? How about that spare room overlooking the garden? Sometimes it is a case of putting ourselves where nature is, rather than bringing nature to us.

Work on hot desks or in an office in town? Maybe your desk could look out the window, or you can choose the desk looking out into the garden next visit. There could be nature there; you just haven’t looked for it before.

Clean & Start Fresh

Before you start adding things to your natural workspace, it makes sense to start taking things away first. Clutter is known to be a real buzz kill when it comes to your emotions. The same with a dated, dark workspace that does nothing for how you feel.

Think about a bright, gorgeous airy space as a blank canvas: clean windows, neutral colours, natural materials.

Check out Marie Kondo, The Minimalism Documentary and Tiny Homes Nation on Netflix, and have a read about Swedish minimalism while you’re at it. You’ll likely get many ideas about how you can strip back your working space for a more functional, beautiful and spacious workplace.

Move Things Around

Now you have a clean and fresh workspace, could you move things around a bit? Having a view of nature is a good start. You could also utilise Feng Shui and use the commanding position, which is thought to keep your energy healthy. You can find out how to find the dominant position here.

Harness Natural Light

Natural light is such an essential part of a workspace. The more of it you can get (while avoiding screen glare) the better. Clean those windows, cut back any trees or bushes blocking the light and clear away any accessories or ornaments crowding that windowsill.

Start With Low Pressure

If having a plant is too much, why not lower the pressure and have fresh flowers in your workspace regularly? They smell great, but they aren’t designed to be kept alive forever, so the pressure is off. Plus, if you get bored quickly, you get to enjoy different colours and shapes with seasonal flower availability changes.

You could enjoy this season’s key colour, yellow, with our gorgeous luxury yellow roses bouquet one week, and keep it simple with Nature’s Purity bouquet the next week.

Upscale & Posh Nature’s Purity Bouquet

Upscale & Posh Nature’s Purity Bouquet

Flowers are an excellent way to keep nature in your workspace without having to commit to any long-term effort.

Pick A Plant That Can Live In Your Office

If you do opt to have plants, make sure that you choose plants for the space you work in. Nothing creates a depressive working environment like a dead plant, right?

For example, a begonia might seem like a great idea, but they need lots of humidity. If you don’t live in a humid environment and you don’t want a humidifier, begonias might not be the right plant for you.

Here are some examples of different office environments and the plants that might suit that environment:

Low Light - Sansevieria, ZZ plant, spider plants, Syngonium, calathea

Medium/ bright indirect light - Pothos, philodendron, dracaenas, a string of hearts 

Bright light - cacti, some succulents, celosia plant

Upscale & Posh Celosia Plant

Upscale & Posh Celosia Plant

Choosing plants that suit your office environment is so essential to ensure it stays happy and looking great.

Pick A Plant You Can Take Care Of 

Some plants are pleased with little care and attention. Cacti, for example, are very low maintenance and require lots of sunlight and a good soak now and again, and that’s it. Spider plants are also very low maintenance, and they have beautiful foliage, plus the cutest little babies that they create when they’re fully mature. 

If you want some plants that are a little more challenging, zebra plants, orchids and crotons could be worth considering. It all depends on how creative you want to get and how dedicated you want to be. Houseplants can be addictive, so you may find you’re willing to put in more effort than you realise.

Checkout Planterina, Harli G and Becca De La Plants on Youtube for a fun intro into all different kinds of plants. OnTheLedge podcast with Jane Perone is another excellent source of information for keeping houseplants.

Experiment With Plant Decor

Plant decor is a massive trend at the moment, and it is a great way to make an office look gorgeous and to get nature involved in the aesthetic.

Here are some ideas for plant decor in the office:

  • Playing with different heights - plants that hang, that climb, plants vining on a trellis, plant pots on legs - mix up the different heights of your plants and plant furniture.
  • Experiment with texture - try lots of different textures out to add depth to your plant aesthetic. Crinkly leaves, long sharp leaves, soft and draping leaves, spikes, bumps, nodules - there are so many textures to enjoy.
  • Experiment with colour - plants add a gorgeous natural palette of colour to any room. All shades of greens, blue sheens, silver sheens, pink splashes, orange splashes, polka dots - and that is even without anything flowering!

Keep It Cheap

You can get that gorgeous planty look without spending much at all, so don’t worry if you’re not flush.

You can easily buy cool plant furniture from junk shops or second-hand stores. Step ladders, shelving, stools - they can all be excellent plant furniture. You can even turn an old fish tank into a terrarium if you really want to be creative.

The less you spend on the furniture, the more you have for new plants, right?

But, What If I Don’t Have An Office?

Sometimes, remote work involves working at home from any quiet spot. The garden, the living room, the bedroom. Anywhere the kids aren’t is fair game, right?

If this is you, don’t worry, you don’t need a dedicated office to get more from Mother Nature in your workspace. A house that is more planty is excellent for the whole family.

Invest in regular fresh flowers, grow some edible veggies, pick out some cute cacti - it’s all-natural and it’s all there to enhance your home. 

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

We all deserve to work in a space that is inspiring, beautiful, purposeful and healthy. With a few tweaks and nods to Mother Nature, we all can work in a space that is inspiring, beautiful, purposeful and healthy.

Be creative, invest some time into the task, and make your working space beautiful. You’ll be rewarded in so many ways. At the very least with a gorgeous aesthetic, and at the most, in better health, better work and a much better environment to nurture your career dreams and aspirations.

To find out more about the beautiful, fresh flowers and high-quality houseplants we sell, please check out the Upscale & Posh full collection listings. We’re excited to help you, and your loved ones, feel more connected to nature at a time we need it the most.


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