How to Care for Orchids: A Guide

by Robert Canning on September 03, 2021

Whether you’re planning to build your own greenhouse or you’re making birthday flower arrangements, you’ll want to have orchids on your roster. These beautiful tropical blooms thrive best in warm temperatures, making them perfect for cultivating in sunny Dubai. However, with so much misinformation out there, it’s crucial to make sure you know the dos and don’ts of caring for orchids.

Making sure your orchids bloom takes a lot of care and consideration, involving much more than simply watering it every day. They’re also known to reward you for your hard work; the average lifespan for blooming is 15 to 20 years. Here’s what you need to know about caring for orchids and ensuring they flourish under your watchful eye:

Rules to Remember When Caring for Orchids

There are a few rules you’ll always need to keep in mind when caring for your orchids. Be sure to water your orchid when the roots are noticeably dry. Soak the roots with room temperature water until they look well-hydrated and green. Be sure to drain your orchid of water thoroughly to remove any remaining moisture and be patient with re-flowering, as it can take up to 9 months for orchids to bloom again.

Orchids need abundant indirect sunlight, so you’ll want to put them next to a window. However, make sure they don’t get roasted by the sun, as too much will eventually kill them. Additionally, spray the air around your orchid and not the plant itself as they draw moisture from the air; saturating it with water won’t do what you hope it will.

The Best Lighting for Orchids

Caring for orchids involves striking a balance between providing them with the correct amount of nutrients and fighting the tendency to over-care for them. Orchid owners tend to think that their plants need more water and sun than what is recommended.

Some tropical orchids have different needs, so it’s crucial to understand the kind you own, which will tell you how much indirect sunlight it requires to create plant food. Certain types need up to 12 hours a day, but others need much less. Be sure to put them away from direct sunlight, which is too intense for the plant.

The Right Temperature for Growing Orchids

Orchids aren’t rigidly tropical plants, though they’ll flourish more in warmer temperatures. It’s best to keep their immediate environment in the range of 15.5 to 24ºC. Experts also recommend constant air movement around the plant, which can be achieved with a fan. However, it’s important not to aim the fan directly at the plant. It should feel like a pleasant, breezy day instead of a mini-tornado.

When Things Go Wrong with Your Orchids

Sometimes, orchids don’t grow as you expect them to, running into various problems that have you scrambling for answers. If your orchid appears healthy but isn’t re-blooming, it may be getting too much or not enough light. Thriving orchids have a lighter green hue, and dark green colouration suggests it isn’t getting as much light as it needs. You may also want to inspect its roots for root rot, preventing the plants from absorbing the nutrients required to survive. To solve this, you’ll need to re-pot your orchid and choose soil that drains quickly to protect the roots from fungus exposure and other types of rot.


Orchids are stunning plants that can last up to two decades when cared for properly. They also make for excellent anniversary flower arrangements when you want to surprise your special someone. By using our guide to care for orchids, you’ll have no trouble cultivating the most beautiful blooms around.

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