"Honing Your Green Thumb: Succulent & Flower Class at The Huntington Library with Flower Duet - Sept 30, 2023"

by Admin on September 06, 2023
- The Huntington Library is hosting a succulent and flowers class inspired by its Desert Garden on September 30, 2023. - Flower Duet, the renowned floral design company, is in charge of teaching the class, a task they have been doing for over 15 years. - More than six times a year, Flower Duet travels to San Marino to teach at The Huntington Library. - Each class day offers two choices to students.

Get your Green Thumb Going with the Flower Duet at The Huntington Library

A Prickly Class full of Fun & Flowers on September 30, 2023

Over 15 Years of Floral Expertise for your Learning Pleasure

Okay, plants and garden lovers, loosen up those green thumbs! It might not be as hot as Coachella, but the Huntington Library's Desert Garden-inspired succulents class on the 30th of September, 2023 is a date not to miss! Put that on your calendar right beneath, "buy more potting soil." And guess who's teaching? Flower Duet — flower fiddlers extraordinaire that have been trucking up to San Marino more than six times a year to teach these classes for over 15 years. Talk about dedication! So, whether you're a prickly pear enthusiast or an admirer-from-afar, there's something for everybody. Just remember, succulents are like your embarrassing dance moves — they thrive with a little 'neglect'. See you in class, you budding botanists!

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