A Gifting Guide to Rose Bouquets and What They Signify

by Robert Canning on December 24, 2021

Giving flowers has long been a tried and true sign of love and devotion. With the right arrangement, you can create the perfect gift for major relationship milestones.

If you’re planning to get anniversary flower arrangements, you can’t really go wrong with a rose bouquet. The important part is sending the right message using your roses. Specific numbers actually change what your bouquet can symbolise, so this guide should help you find the perfect setup for every occasion.

A Single Rose

If you present it nicely and pick a well-grown rose, a single rose can be a really romantic gesture. This is meant to be a symbol of love at first sight, so it can be a great way to commemorate the first moment you ever laid eyes on your significant other.

A Couple or Trio of Roses

This number is meant to tell your special someone that you truly love them. For trios, each rose signifies a word in the phrase “I love you.” It’s a great way to just remind your partner how you feel about them. This is good for Valentine’s or even just a simple Sunday.

Five Roses

Five roses celebrate the friendship that you have built with someone you deeply care about. It is a great way to show appreciation for the fellowship you have strengthened through time. If you love someone and want to take a step further in your relationship, this is also a good set to give. 

One Dozen Roses

This is arguably the most popular bouquet you hear about. It is because a dozen is usually seen as the perfect and most complete set. It is meant to let your lover know that you believe your relationship is true and complete. If tradition is to be followed, this is one of the ways to express how true and perfect your love is.

Thirteen Roses

Contrary to the notion that 13 might be an unlucky number, that is not the case in the world of rose bouquets. Here, it is a symbol promising to remain caring for each other for the rest of time. 

Two Dozen Roses

As if a dozen wasn’t enough yet to tell someone you love them perfectly, twenty-four roses will say that your care doesn’t relent no matter what time or day it is. A bouquet of two dozen roses says you love them all day every week, no matter what. It is also considered a lucky number, making it great for anniversary flower arrangements.

Thirty Roses

Thirty roses mean commitment and faithfulness. You can do this on a big anniversary to promise continued loyalty and union.

Forty Roses

This is a good way to let someone know you love them just the way they are. It also represents genuine happiness for your relationship.

Fifty Roses

50 is a good number to signify time and a love that does not want. This means your feelings are not easily destroyed by challenges and the like.

Ninety-Nine Roses

This is the perfect number of roses to say you will not part until death. Because there are so many roses involved here, you can get away with trying different hues and species for a dazzling display of colour.

One Hundred Roses

You can round it out with a hundred roses. This is the ultimate symbol of complete devotion.


You can commemorate a special day really well with roses. They are a timeless and romantic gift with many hues and species to choose from. A bouquet can be an essential part of your efforts for every special occasion and anniversary. 

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