Guide to Enjoying A Pollen-Free Flower Bouquet Experience

by Robert Canning on March 25, 2022

Lilies are eternal in their beauty, but have you ever stooped down to inhale their heavenly fragrance only to be left with persistent orange streaks on your shirt? That's pollen in a nutshell.

Its dusty particles are made to cling to bees, which is why they cling to the cloth as well! But don't worry; there's a proven way to remove pollen stains off clothes faster than Mary Poppins could fold them if you've sought a flower bouquet delivery in Dubai or are just planning to; make sure to read this article for foolproof tips for removing pollen stains. 


To begin with, don't touch or wet the pollen! Take the stained object outside and shake it vigorously. Next, take a roll of adhesive tape (any brand will do) and use the tacky side to remove the pollen from the fabric. The majority of it should be easy to remove.

Soak your garment in cold water for half an hour, rinse it twice before applying your regular stain remover, and wash it according to the care label's instructions. Allow it to air dry, and voila! Your favourite top will look brand new.

Upholstery or Carpet

Pollen from lilies landed on your cream carpet or a new sofa? Fortunately, the adhesive tape technique works on floors, especially with a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

If the stain is still visible, wipe it with a dry sponge with a vinegar solution (blend one part vinegar with two parts water) or your preferred dry-cleaning solvent. Pollen should never be rubbed or brushed away because this can push it deeper into the fibres. Stop the stain from spreading by blotting from the outside in.

Eliminate Pollen At The Source

If you're going through rolls of adhesive tape, it's probably time to eliminate 'the pollen problem.' Apart from avoiding buying lilies, the apparent answer is to carefully cut or pluck their rubbery anthers out with a tissue as soon as the flowers begin to open.

Because pollen erodes whatever petals it comes into contact with, this helps lilies remain longer.

Stargazer lilies have prominent stamens that are easier to remove than other types. Consider spraying the anthers with hair spray if you wish to maintain them for their aesthetic value. This can prevent pollen from falling to the ground, but it will usually decrease the flower's life.

Lilies Are A Fantastic Choice For People With Allergy 

It may seem absurd that these main pollen-staining culprits could be anything other than a nightmare for allergy sufferers, but it's true!

Pollen from larger, brighter flowers in Dubai, such as lilies, is heavier and less likely to get airborne and irritate your airways. This is because they are more easily attracted to bees and butterflies, reducing the need for wind-blown pollination.

Avoid bouquets with wildflower fillers (no daisies, gypsophila, etc.) if you're buying flowers for someone allergic to pollen. Instead, opt for the following species:


These tall, sword-shaped flowers were tossed at winning gladiators in Roman times. Pollen is heavy and sticky, and it rarely gets up your nostrils.


This show-stopper produces stunning blue, pink, purple, and white blossoms that add luxury to any arrangement. They only make a small amount of pollen.


Irises have copious pollen trapped inside their long, delicate petals, giving them their deep purple and bright yellow colouration.

Majority of Houseplants

Pollen is absent from non-flowering houseplants. Plants that absorb irritants from the air, such as golden pothos, areca palms, dragon trees, and peace lilies, are anti-allergy. The ideal gift for everyone!


This attractive tropical flower releases very little pollen and is frequently sold in pots. Orchids come in various colours and sizes, including pink and white types.


Pollen is trapped between this lovely summer favourite's soft, blousy layers. The only issue is that the exquisitely fragrant varieties are difficult to avoid sniffing!


Roses pollinate themselves and discharge very little pollen into the air. They smell wonderful, look classy, and won't make your happy recipient's nose run!


This popular spring flower is known for its brilliant colours and cup form. It produces a lot of pollen that clings to the stamen.


Because a lovely birthday flower delivery can brighten your day (or any occasion, for that matter), it's a good idea to learn how to eliminate pollen. You can once again invite lilies into your home now that you know how to remove pollen stains from your clothes!

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