A Guide about Tulips - How to Arrange a Tulip Bouquet

by Robert Canning on July 15, 2022

Display tulips in your home to enjoy their beauty and add brightness to your space. Arranging tulips in a vase is easy and only requires a few simple steps to get the most out of your bouquet.

Tulips represent rebirth and unyielding, perfect love. This is why they make fantastic wedding bouquets.

Where Does Tulip Come From?

Tulips were first found in the Tian Shan Mountains, which are located in an area that is difficult to get to. This area is where the borders of China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia meet.

The primarily red wild tulips most likely communicated with the native tribes in the region. These Turkic tribes were probably the first to trade the bulbs or seeds to Persia, where tulips were grown in Isfahan and Baghdad by 1050 AD.

The Ottoman Turks are thought to have cultivated initially tulips, which spread westward to Constantinople. From there, European ambassadors likely took tulips back to their home countries.

How to Prepare a Tulip Bouquet?

As soon as the box arrives, bring the tulips inside. They dehydrate quickly, so they need to be watered right away. Don't worry if the driver doesn't knock – you'll get an email notification as soon as the tulips are delivered!

Cut the stems of your tulips at a 45° angle as soon as you take them out of the box. Then, rehydrate them in water for about an hour before arranging them in a flower bouquet.

Remember, with proper care and preparation, and tulips can stay fresh for up to ten days.

How Can You Arrange Tulips at Home?

After you rehydrate your tulips, trim off any leaves that would be below the waterline. If you don't clean the leaves out of the water, they will decompose and kill the tulips.

Tall, skinny vases work best for tulip floral arrangements because they help the bloom stand up and prevent too much drooping.

To create a fuller-looking arrangement, place each stem in an alternating pattern around a clean vase filled with fresh water.

Arrange the stems in a clean vase filled with fresh water, alternating the stems around the vase to create a fuller look.

As you plant your tulip bouquet, know that the tulips will arrive in bud form. Leave enough space between each blossom to bloom fully.

Trim the stem of your tulips every few days to prevent them from getting too tall and floppy.

Different Tulips You Can Use For Your Bouquet

There are more than 3,000 varieties of tulips, so there is one (or many) that you will love. Some of the most famous varieties for flower arrangements are listed below.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips: Darwin Hybrid Tulips are some of the best garden varieties that last for years. With strong stems and long-lasting flowers in various colours, these tulips are perfect for cutting and arrangement.

Double Tulips: Double tulips, similar to peonies, have multiple layers of petals. They often last longer than other tulip varieties when cut and used as flowers.

Greigii Tulips: Greigii tulips with purple stripes or mottling are beautiful before and after blooming, as the flowers open wide to reveal their inner colours. This variety of tulips is prevalent in Europe because it creates vivid, compact designs.

Parrot Tulips: With their fringed and scalloped petals, parrot tulips resemble the wings of their namesake bird. These big, full blooms are often featured in European floral paintings. Most parrot tulips are mutations of Triumph and single late tulips.

Triumph Tulips: The Triumph variety tulips are the largest group with the broadest range of colours. They grow well in containers, as long as they are protected from freezing, and usually grow 10-16 inches tall. 

Besides those mentioned above, there are other kinds of tulips available that you can choose from. Remember to identify their differences and pick which one suits your preference the most in making your tulip bouquet.


Tulip bouquets are great for various occasions, from graduations to weddings. With so many colours to choose from, you can find a flower bouquet that matches your style.

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