Got Dead Flowers? Here's What You Can Do With Them

by Robert Canning on June 25, 2021

Receiving flowers will always be an occasion worth celebrating because they symbolize the more beautiful things in life. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect accompaniment to any milestone or holiday.

Whether you got a bouquet for your birthday, anniversary, work promotion, first time riding an elevator, or weight-loss milestone, there’s no doubt that getting flowers is a wonderful feeling. However, this specific feeling is fleeting because these thoughtful and beautiful gifts come with an expiry date. Flowers are living, natural things that die over time.

So, this brings us to one question that you might have in mind: what can be done with dead flowers?

A few ideas worth considering

If you’ve received flowers before, then you’re probably familiar with just how disheartening it is to see these beautiful things wither and die off as the days go by. However, this doesn’t mean the end for the beauty of your bouquet. As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised to know just how much you can do with withered flowers from Upscale and Posh’s wide range of beautiful selections and arrangements: 

Press them

If you want to keep your flowers around forever, you can give them a new afterlife in your room or home by pressing their petals. After all, flowers still look amazing even if they’re no longer lively and plump!

How do you do it?: Typically, the best way to press flower petals is by placing them in between the pages of a book, closing the book, and then adding weights to press the pages together. After several hours or even a whole day, you’ll end up with flattened, hard, and preserved petals. They will be amazing to look at and fun to use as decorative items or bookmarks! 

Make a wreath 

If you want to repurpose your dead flowers and give them a new life as decorative pieces, then one great idea is to turn your petals and other parts of your bouquet into a wreath.

How do you do it?: To make your floral wreath, you’ll need a grapevine wreath or a wire hoop, floral wire, and some dried flowers. These craft items are readily available in local stores, so there’s no need to worry!

To create your piece of home decor, you’ll need to put together small bundles of flowers in a pattern and attach them to your grapevine wreath using floral wire. For finishing touches, you can add any extra embellishments you want and hang it on your wall or door! 

Whip up a spray 

Although flowers lose a whole lot in terms of size, colour, and stability when they die, the one thing they don’t lose is their alluring smell—making them perfect for a room spray or perfume.

How do you do it?: The process of making a spray begins by mixing alcohol, essential oils, and your choice of fragrant ingredients. Put in your dead flowers, and you can create a proper mixture that will keep any space at home fragrant. As an example, you can fill a spray bottle with distilled water and witch hazel in a 1-to-1 ratio, add 15 drops of your favourite essential oil, and shake to mix the liquid. After adding a few dried flowers, you’ll have a finished product that smells and looks great! 


As sad as it may seem to see your beloved bouquet of flowers wither, there are many different ways you can repurpose and keep them beyond their lifespan. Through the help of the three ideas mentioned above, you’ll be able to find amazing new ways to make the most out of your cherished flowers and ensure they last a lifetime! 

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