5 Cultural Traditions on Giving Roses to Loved Ones

by Robert Canning on August 11, 2022

Roses have been associated with love and appreciation for centuries. In many cultures, giving roses to loved ones is a time-honoured tradition. So, it’s no surprise how the world has fallen in love with roses and will always associate them with love. People give them in bouquets, grow them in their gardens, make them into perfumes, and even eat them!

Here are five cultural traditions from around the world that involve giving roses to those we care about.

1. South Korea — Birthdays

In South Korea, it is customary to give a birthday rose bouquet to friends and loved ones, especially as their Coming of Age symbol. Every May, once Coming of Age day comes, South Koreans celebrate everyone turning 20 years old that year. Their loved ones, including the birthday boys and girls themselves, exchange various gifts and bouquets of red roses.

2. Taiwan — Valentine’s Day

In Taiwan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving roses to those we love. Rose symbolism in Taiwan goes to the next level by assigning meanings to the different number of flowers given. For instance, once Valentine’s day rolls around, these are the standard rose bouquet arrangements and what they mean:

  • A single rose — You are my one and only love.
  • 11 roses — You are my special someone.
  • 99 roses — I will love you for eternity.
  • 108 roses — Will you marry me?

3. Finland — Friends Day

In Finland, Friends Day is celebrated instead of the traditional Valentine’s Day. Since the 1980s, the Finnish used the day to express their gratitude for the friendships in their lives.

On this day, friends give each other pink roses, cards, and candy as a sign of appreciation and friendship. It is one of the unique traditions that use roses in non-romantic contexts.

4. Hungary — Funerals

In Hungary, roses are often given at funerals. White roses are delivered to express sympathy. While roses are still given to express love and appreciation for loved ones, the classic symbolism of the flower is enhanced to represent undying feelings for friends, family members, spouses and other loved ones. 

5. Catalonia — Saint George’s Day

Saint George’s Day in Catalonia is celebrated on the 23rd of April. At first glance, there’s nothing unusual about the tradition. People usually give each other bunches of red roses, whether they are friends or lovers. However, you'll be delighted if you research why the tradition has begun.

According to the local legend, St. George, a knight in shining armour, saved a princess and the town from a dragon. When he slew the dragon, it fell, and eventually, roses sprang up from where the dragon’s blood was shed. Catalonians give each other red roses to pay homage to St. George’s bravery and valiance.

Final Thoughts

Whether given on a special occasion or simply as a gesture of love, roses will always be a beautiful way to show your affection for someone. You can always purchase a bouquet of roses—your preferred colour, of course—to gift to a loved one, a friend or even yourself. 

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