Why You Should Be Giving Out Lilies as Birthday Gifts

by Robert Canning on March 04, 2022

Birthdays are always a special occasion. Whenever someone we love celebrates their birthday, we must make them feel extra special by giving gifts. One great gift to give on someone's birthday are lilies.

Reasons Why Lilies Are a Great Birthday Gift

There are many reasons why lilies are a great birthday gift. Below are some of these reasons:

1. Meaningful

Not only are lilies beautiful, but they also have significant meaning. They are not only a great reminder that you are thinking of someone on their birthday, but they represent true friendships, strength, loyalty and faith.

2. Lasts a Long Time

Lilies are a great gift, and they will not go to waste like other gifts because you can keep them for a long time. These flowers do not die quickly, making for excellent room décor.

3. Easy to Care For

It is important to give a gift that you know that the person will take care of. Lilies are easy to care for, and they do not require extra maintenance.

4. Great for People Who Live in Apartments

Apartment dwellers usually do not have a lot of room for flowers, so giving lilies as a birthday gift is a great option. They last a long time, and you do not need much space to keep them.

5. Timeless

Flowers are timeless gifts and will always be appreciated. Whether you are looking for a gift for a 50-year-old or a one-year-old, lilies are a great option.

Types of Lilies to Give for a Birthday Gift

Now that you know why lilies are a great birthday gift, it is time you decide about what kind to give as a gift. There are many different lilies, and all of them look different from one another, so you need to choose the perfect one for the receiver.

1. Tiger Lily

Tiger lilies are great for a gift, and you are sure to be able to find one in any garden. Their bright and fierce colours are attractive and eyecatching.

2. Double Sensation Lily

For a softer colour, double sensation lilies are perfect. They come in pink and white, making them ideal as a more intimate and elegant gift.

3. Asiatic Lily

For a great variety, Asiatic lilies are a good option. They come in many different and vibrant colours, perfect for any flower arrangement and birthday motif.

4. Peruvian Lily

The Peruvian lily is a more exotic type of lily. Their patterned petals that look like butterflies are the perfect and unique gift for your friends who love exotic art.

5. Madonna Lily

Madonna lilies look more elegant than any other lilies. They are white, giving them a classic look. Bunching and clustering these lilies together provides for a beautiful and intricate look.


Flowers are a great gift to give on birthdays, and lilies are an excellent choice for this occasion. Lilies are more than just a flower. They are a gift that comes with a lot of spiritual meaning and serves as a reminder of love and friendship. So if you want the celebrant to feel extra special, a bunch of lilies can go a long way.

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