5 Useful Tips on Giving Flowers on a Special Occasion

by Robert Canning on June 03, 2022

Giving someone a bouquet is still a good gift idea today. Most people even appreciate the simplicity of flowers, as they are free of calories and don't clutter up their homes. Additionally, many people like to display flowers in their spaces as keeping flowers around the house can help lift the mood and make any room more cheerful.

If you want to give flowers as a gift, here are five valuable tips on giving flowers on a special occasion:

1. Colour Choice

The colour of the flowers has a significant meaning. Here are different colour choices for flowers and what they typically mean:

  • Red – love, romance, passion, beauty
  • Orange – passion
  • Yellow – admiration, affection, friendship, joy
  • Green – prosperity
  • Blue – sincerity, respect, beauty, constancy
  • Purple – spirituality, royalty, power
  • Pink – grace, elegance, sweetness
  • White – purity, innocence, friendship

For example, if you want to give someone a bouquet to celebrate the friendship which you've had for many years, then you can give them yellow roses. If you wish someone to get well soon, you can provide them with a bunch of brightly coloured tulips.

For a mother, yellow roses are a great gift. If you want to give a bouquet to someone who has lost a loved one, you can give them a bouquet of daisies. They represent purity, which symbolises the person who has passed away.

2. Fragrance

When you choose your flowers, you should consider the scent of the bouquet. The bouquet should also have a pleasant fragrance. Most flowers have a different scent, which they release when they're in the water. If you are giving a bouquet to someone, you should try to find out what their favourite flower is and choose that type.

Some flowers have a strong scent, while others have a soft fragrance. A strong scent can help make the room smell better, but it can also be overwhelming for some people.

3. Bouquet Symmetry and Size of Flowers

It is vital to create a symmetrical bouquet when you are giving flowers. This will make the flowers look more presentable and ensure the flowers will not get damaged or fall apart. Moreover, it shows that you put effort into creating the bouquet.

Just like the number of flowers in a bouquet, the size of the bouquet is also a significant factor. Giving someone a bouquet with many flowers tends to have more impact than a bouquet with a small bunch of flowers.

However, you should also consider the person you are giving the bouquet to. If the person has a smaller home and the bouquet is too big, the flowers might seem overwhelming. You should also consider the person's size, as a large bouquet might not fit on their lap and the flowers might not look as nice.

4. Easy Maintenance

If you want to give flowers as a gift, choosing easy to maintain flowers is essential. This way, the person who will receive the flowers has the joy of keeping them for a long time, rather than being frustrated with the flowers dying or wilting.

Avoid giving flowers that are going to wilt quickly. If you want to gift a bouquet during a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, it is best to avoid flowers like carnations, roses, and lilies, which are very short-lived.

For instance, the poinsettia is a good choice, as the flower is red, symbolising joy, and is also a plant. This means that the person can keep the plant for a long time, rather than the flowers quickly dying.

5. Flower Arrangement

When you are giving flowers, it is essential to consider the type of flower and how it is arranged. A bouquet with a unique flower arrangement, for instance, might catch the attention of the person who is receiving the flowers.

You can also put different coloured flowers together to create an appealing flower arrangement or opt for a bouquet filled with all of one type of flower in different varieties.


No matter what gift one wants to give, knowing how to give flowers can make a difference, especially if the flowers are presented well. Depending on the occasion and what the recipient likes, there are many ways to try.

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