Giving Your Man a Bouquet of Flowers: What Does It Mean?

by Robert Canning on March 11, 2022

Men like flowers, too. A lot of us grew up in a culture where mostly women received flowers, but the truth is that getting a bouquet of colourful blooms can make anyone happy—regardless of their gender. It’s a lovely and thoughtful gesture that can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face.

So, if you’re going to be spending some time with a special man in your life, why not send him some flowers as an act of kindness? He’ll love it. It’s a great reminder of how much you care.

It’s not just limited to romantic gestures, either. Fathers and grandfathers love seeing flowers from their families. A bunch of flowers from your granddaughter or grandaughter will make his day. If you’re unsure what kinds of flowers to send, this guideline may help.

The Flower Meanings You Need to Know

Sending Red Roses

Red roses are one of the most popular flowers sent as a romantic gesture. For a man, red roses remind them of love, romance, and affection.

Healthy, red roses also remind us of passion, fertility, and beauty. So, when you send this symbol of love to a man, he’ll think of you as beautiful, romantic, and passionate. It’s hard not to be romantic when you’re thinking about love, and red is the colour of romance. It can also just be a sign of great affection.

Sending Pink Roses

Sending pink roses is similar to sending red roses, but with an added element of appreciation and acknowledgement. Friends or family often sends pink roses to say thank you as a gift. They can also be sent to tell someone that you appreciate the time and effort that they put into a particular task.

So, if your man has done something nice for you or if you have a job that he’s helping you with, sending him a pink rose will show him that you’re thankful. And, if he’s happy to know that you’re happy, he’s going to be thrilled. Whether he’s your boyfriend or your dad, it’s never a bad idea to let him know that you appreciate him.

Sending Yellow Roses and Lilies

If you want to thank someone for a job well done, yellow roses and lilies can help you out. Many people like to send yellow flowers to someone who has just graduated from school. It’s a beautiful way to congratulate them on a job well done.

Yellow roses can also be great for showing someone that you appreciate their efforts at work. Sending yellow roses to your boss after a hard week at work is a great way to show him that you notice his efforts.

So, if someone has been helping you out with a project, send him yellow roses to tell him that you appreciate him.

Sending White Roses and Lilies

Sending white roses and lilies is similar to sending yellow roses and lilies, as they both symbolise wishes for someone’s well-being. However, while sending yellow roses and lilies is a way to convey happiness and health to someone, sending white roses and lilies is a way to send sympathy.


Above, we discussed the meanings of different flowers and which ones to a man in your life. It’s a good idea to look at what kind of relationship you have so that you can figure out the right flowers to send him. It shows that you’re happy with the relationship and have gratitude for it.

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