How to Get the Most Out of Flower Giving

by Robert Canning on May 27, 2022

Flowers can soften even the most difficult woman's heart. The true essence of flower giving is also knowing the right flowers to give and when to give them. Knowing this formula and applying this combination is a way for you to show that you’ve given the gesture a lot of thought. Indeed, most if not all women love this!

For a bouquet that costs you a good lunch, you can sweep a woman off her feet or simply remind her to smile and remember the good times. Read on to discover how to get the most out of flower giving.

Understanding the “Happy Times” Principle

You cannot give her flowers anytime you want or when things are difficult. Give her flowers when things are going well to set a precedent. After all, flowers are associated with joy in this context. When you are angry or arguing with her, buy her flowers to remind her of happier times. 

The Happy Times principle teaches us when to present floral gifts, especially in situations such as:

  • To Apologize

  • This works. That is all.

  • Just Because

  • This is emphasized by the Happy Times Principle. Send her flowers "just because" two to four times a year. Try timing it a week or two after large events or arguments to make it appear random. This keeps her on her toes, gives the illusion that you’re exciting and unpredictable, and contributes to a more loving relationship.

  • The Third Date 

  • If you want to impress the new woman in your life, surprise her with a bouquet on your third date. Regardless of how corny it is, she will appreciate it. 

  • An Anniversary

  • Flowers are a fantastic way to show your affection on your anniversary. Flower giving in reaching this annual milestone together is a way of commemorating your relationship.

  • The Morning After
  • After spending a fantastic night together, give her flowers to communicate that to her. You can simply send her flowers and a note thanking her for last night. Again, it’s all about marking the “happy times.”

  • Valentine Day

  • Yes, for obvious reasons.

    The Right Flowers

    Of course, red roses are everlasting. Red symbolizes "I love you," whereas white means "It was pointless; let's just be friends."

    Perhaps you want to give her something rare or unique, like lilies with fern leaves, a bouquet of mixed flowers, or wildflowers. See what she likes by experimenting with multicoloured flowers or fragrant flowers.

    Most florists today sell wildflower bouquets because they are romantic and affordable. You can also try giving her stargazer blooms with a wonderful scent or the Asiatic lily with no perfume. 

    If she wants a flower gift that will grow and last, consider tulips or orchids. Tulips are low-maintenance and make wonderful gifts. Orchids, like many other attractive plants, demand a lot of attention.

    You must note, however, to avoid cacti and other desert plants. 

    The Flower Giving Methods

  • Method #1: The Flower Boquet

  • For this, you either will want to DIY a bouquet or have a professional make a custom bouquet just for your loved one. Make sure it’s gonna look great on Instagram!

  • Method #2: Flowers in the Office

  • Fill her office with flowers through an online flower shop that provides delivery. This will score you Happy Times points with her and her workmates.

  • Method #3: Flowers at Home

  • If you live together, make a small preparation and make sure she notices it. 

  • The Last-Minute Run 
  • This is perfect if you’ve got sudden plans with her tonight. Even if you are not in a romantic relationship, you can apply the Happy Times Principle. Pick grab some flowers on your way to the store for dinner, beer, or dry cleaning.


    It comes as no surprise why women love receiving flowers. However, the art of flower giving involves more than just special bouquets. As you’ve learned all of this, learn to integrate the “Happy Times” Principle to make sure your woman feels loved, secure, and happy all the time. This is definitely a way for you to get the most out of flower giving.

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