5 Reasons to Get a Flower Subscription Service

by Robert Canning on September 17, 2021

Few things beat the joy of receiving fresh, gorgeous flowers, especially when your loved ones gift them for special occasions. Why not experience that joy over and over by giving them to yourself through a luxury flower box subscription? After all, you’re your own loved one, too!

A flower subscription service is excellent for having a continuous supply of fresh flowers to decorate your house with, which means you can line your home up with stunning blooms as regularly as you’d like to receive them. Apart from fragrant décor, they also double as great gifts, never leaving you empty-handed when visiting your friends or attending events!

Here are five reasons to get a flower subscription service:

It’s Convenient 

A flower subscription service takes the guesswork and effort out of picking a bouquet. Whether you want to treat yourself or get something for your loved one, you don’t have to leave your home at all to pick something out—the blooms will be delivered directly to your door! Unlike online shopping, you won’t even have you visit the website to place an order. By setting up a subscription, these blossoms automatically appear at your home, giving you some of nature’s most beautiful gifts without extra effort on your part.

It’s Easy to Place an Order

Starting your flower subscription is as easy as going to our website and picking the subscription that best fits your needs. You can book and place an order in mere minutes and all from the comfort of your home, removing the need to get dressed, step outside, and hunt for a floral shop with cheap flower delivery. You can even sign up for a subscription when you’re on the go!

It’s Flexible

The great thing about a flower subscription service is that you can change details whenever you want. When you want your flowers delivered to a different address, date, or time, all you have to do is adjust it accordingly. You can also cancel or pause your subscription at any time, which will come in handy when you’ll be out for a few weeks due to a planned holiday. Alternatively, you can also have the blooms sent to a friend, surprising them with a delightful gift!

It Suits All Budgets

Regardless of your budget, there’s a flower subscription service that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you want a standard or lux subscription, you’ll receive a fresh bouquet from your chosen price category, guaranteed to be stunning.

It Provides You With a Gift to Give

Lastly, getting a flower subscription will take care of all your struggles with gift ideas for your friends and family. Whether you want to send them a gift to celebrate their birthday or cheer them up after a stressful, miserable day, you’ll have a constant supply of beautiful blooms that will definitely put a smile on their face. If you can’t make it to their celebration, sending them a bouquet of vibrant flowers will surely make up for your absence.


Flowers are one of the most graceful, gorgeous natural gifts in the world. Sending them as a gift is a fantastic way of showing your appreciation for your loved ones while providing them with a beautiful way to liven up their home. By getting a flower subscription service, you’ll not only treat yourself with regular deliveries of colourful blooms, but you’ll get to pass it on to your loved ones, too!

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