How Fresh Flowers and Happiness Correlate with One Another

by Robert Canning on November 19, 2021

Giving someone flowers is more than just handing someone some plants that smell nice. It is also about sharing that moment, creating a memory of giving that brings a smile to the recipient's face and you. That being said, fresh flowers are a great choice to pick when identifying what to give to your loved ones. This is because people who receive it always tend to feel good. However, it isn't only because they received something that they feel good about. There's actual science behind why fresh flowers correlate with happiness.

How Fresh Flowers and Happiness Correlate with One Another

People have always wondered what happens in a person's mind when they receive feelings. Such curiosity has caused the Society of American Florists to research various universities to find this out. In one particular university, the Rutgers University, one test put into play three different types of presents: fruits, candles, and flowers, and each participant were surveyed about their mood before they received the gifts.

When the gifts were presented to the recipients, their mood and behaviour were closely observed and recorded. It was found that those who received fruits and candles were the least enthusiastic, while those who received flowers were the most enthusiastic. Three days later, the participants took the mood test once more, and those who received the flowers were shown to have much better moods.

Apart from this test, another test carried out by Rutgers University was done where a man gave either a pen, flower or nothing. Those who were given flowers stood much closer to the man and were much more willing to talk to the person than those who received a pen or even nothing.

The final Rutgers test was done on women living in a retirement home. They were surveyed for their mood first, and then they were given different amounts of flowers over the course of 14 days. After that, they were surveyed for their mood again. Unsurprisingly enough, those who received more flowers showed higher levels of happiness than those who received less, albeit they were also happy.

Apart from just the Rutgers test, there are many other tests conducted that prove the findings of the Rutgers test. For example, a test done by Harvard University showed that individuals who received flowers felt less negative, and those who had those flowers sitting in their homes showed an overall increase in positivity. It was also reported that the participants had more mental and physical energy, allowing them to get through their day with more vigour. However, such benefits weren't only confined to households. Texas A&M University has tested and found that those working in locations that had flowers enhanced the worker's problem-solving skills and even allowed for more created ideas to be made.


If you previously thought that giving flowers to people was a bad idea because it would simply die off after a few days, think again. Science has shown that those who received flowers as gifts showed a major improvement in their mood, meaning that its recipients felt happier and even after a few days. As such, when buying flowers for your loved ones, don't simply think that they're there to look pretty and smell nice. They're there to bring a smile to its recipients, and with you giving it, it helps to forge memories of happiness that you and the recipient can share.

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