8 Common Flowers That Represents Peace and Tranquillity

by Robert Canning on August 05, 2022

The symbolism of flowers is deep-rooted in many cultures. Sometimes, the same flower can have different meanings in various cultures. 

And during the Victorian Era, flowers were the primary means to convey emotions and communicate by sending and receiving messages. 

With this in mind, here are the eight commonly used flowers that signify peace and calm and tend to put onlookers at ease.


Violet flowers represent peace, healing, and devotion. However, in some cultures, it has different representations. For example, in Roman culture, sending this kind of flowers means showing respect to their dearly departed. These flowers will fill their hearts with peace.

The colour violet also represents enlightenment and consciousness. It can be connected with growth, expansion, and serenity. Thus, it symbolises mental clarity.

2. Peace Lilies 

Peace lilies are common houseplants and can be part of your home decor, enhancing your space for a long time while being easily looked after. Aside from being durable and beautiful, the peace lily resembles the white flag of surrender. 

According to Christian belief, the flowers represent eternal life and are said to bring about peace and prosperity.

3. Lavender 

Lavender is believed to bring peace, harmony and happiness to the relationships between lovers and can be regarded as a symbol of love and devotion.

They also come from the mint family. Lavender is also known to help bring relaxation and peace of mind by inducing sleep.

4. Peonies

Peonies are typically regarded as the most popular and recognisable flower in many parts of the world, possessing various cultural and historical meanings. 

These flowers are often used as symbols to represent femininity, wealth, social rank and nobility. In Chinese culture, the peony has heavily inspired art, literature and objects of worship.

5. Poppies

With their large striking white petals and red stamen, white poppies are treasured for more than their beauty. They are also extremely rich in medicinal properties. 

Many considered white poppy flowers blossomed in the trenches of France during the Great War, growing out of the graves which served as a symbol of peace and war. 

6. Apple Blossoms

In many cultures, apple blossoms are associated with love, peace and fertility. They are most prevalent in early spring when their trees bear pink and white blooms.

For the Celts, apple blossoms are used in decorating the intimate part of their homes, like the bedroom. 

7. Chamomile

Chamomile flowers have a long association with peace and tranquillity, thanks to the stillness of their blossoms when they're not in bloom. 

Also, chamomile herbs are great herbal medicines that can be used to relax and soothe aches, pains, and other medical conditions. Today, chamomile herbs are used as a sleep-inducing drink before bedtime.

8. Lotus

In Buddhism, the lotus is considered a symbol of inner peace and detachment from material desires. And it is also seen as a traditional sign of enlightenment.

If we are going to follow Chinese culture, the blossoming of the lotus is parallel with the birth, death and rebirth cycle. It represents the innocence that rises free from the profanity of the world. 


Sending flowers to someone is still the best way to express your emotions. If you want to send a message that contains peace and tranquillity, consider these eight wonderful flowers that will certainly show your thoughtfulness.  

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