Top 5 Flowers that Express Thankfulness & Gratitude

by Robert Canning on November 05, 2021

Life can be challenging and hard to handle. But because of the people around us, we can survive and even thrive despite the difficulties. This is why it’s essential to give back to our friends, colleagues, family, and significant others every once in a while and show them how much we appreciate them.

As they get out of their way to be supportive and helpful to you, it’s time to make their day through a bit of a surprise—flowers. But with so many types of flowers to choose from, and each carrying different meanings, it can be hard to decide what will make up your appreciation bouquet.

Let us make the job easier for you! Here are five of the best flowers to express your wholehearted, earnest thanks to a loved one.

1. Roses

No list of flowers will be complete without roses. Roses are the most popular and acclaimed flower, as they have been the symbol of love and romance for many decades. Of course, you might want to steer clear of red roses if you’re giving a gift to a friend or colleague so that you won’t send mixed messages.

But white, pink, and yellow roses, or a combination of them, can make an excellent token of gratitude. Roses are lovely and welcoming flowers, and their beautiful aroma brings a person to the memories of spring. Luxury roses can bring a smile to the face of someone dear to you.

2. Hydrangeas

Hailing from the East, hydrangeas were first discovered in Japan. According to flower experts, hydrangeas mean “thank you for forgiving me” and “thank you for understanding.” Because of this, it’s perfect to give hydrangeas to people who helped you through a difficult time and people to whom you’ve done wrong and still forgave you.

Hydrangeas come in blue, pink, white, and peach, and what sets them apart is their big size. A few stems can go a long way, so they are also great for when you are on a budget.

3. Daisies

Daisies may be tiny, but their sunshine colors can bring cheer to anyone. They mean innocence and playfulness, so they are perfect thank you gifts for friends and people who are young at heart.

Daisies also symbolise new beginnings. Since they bloom in spring, they remind people of renewal or starting over, ideal for gifting for new and special people you are grateful for.

4. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are elegant-looking flowers that are often seen in bridal bouquets and wedding decor. They are best known for their white colour, but you can also give yellow calla lilies as they symbolise joy and gratitude. You can buy calla lily flowers online, whether in bouquets or individual pieces.

5. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are famous for their petals that look like butterflies relaxing on a stem. Often, people use sweet peas as bouquet fillers, but their subtle scent makes them perfect for gifting on their own.

Sweet peas are known to symbolise loyalty and gratitude, so they are a great way to say your thanks even without uttering a word. Gift a bouquet of sweet peas to anyone who has helped you recently and show them that you appreciate all they have done for you.

Final Thoughts

Saying thanks through flowers is a tradition that won’t get old anytime soon. So, don’t hesitate to give a bouquet to people that matter a lot to you. These five flowers are perfect types to start with. Just make sure to consider the recipient’s preferences and potential allergies.

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