Flowers and Chocolates: The Story of the Valentine’s Duo

by Robert Canning on February 11, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a day when we send our loved ones gifts to let them know of our love. The most notable choice of gift during this occasion is flowers and chocolates. However, some people may wonder what prompted our ancestors to use flowers and chocolates to symbolise their love.

The Message in Flowers

The first use of flowers for Valentine’s Day can be dated back to the 17th century. While there is no exact reason for why this happened, it is believed that it can be linked to mythology. According to mythology, the Roman Goddess Venus, the Goddess of Love, really loved roses. Roses then became her symbol, which came to be known to represent love.

Traditionally, during Valentine’s Day, roses are the flower most people would give each other. This tradition is believed to be linked to Venus and how the flower was given the meaning of love. However, in more modern times, all flowers now hold a message. People can give each other flowers without even speaking to each other, yet they deliver a message.

Today, many couples give each other different kinds of flowers. While roses are still popular and more traditional, there are now other flowers that have become popular during Valentine’s Day, too. Some of these flowers are as follows:

1. Pink Roses

Deviating from the traditional red roses, pink roses are another way to express your love. However, while red roses represent a more intense, passionate, and sexual love, pink roses are more for appreciation and gratitude.

2. White Roses

Another version of the traditional Valentine flower, white roses, focuses more on beginnings and spirituality. They are more about starting anew with your loved one, making it perfect for weddings.

3. Lilies

Lilies are gorgeous and a popular flower for February 14. Lilies symbolise promise, fidelity and love. It is the promise of your loved one to be faithful to you forever.

4. Carnations

Carnations symbolise undying love. When you give carnations this Valentine’s Day, you are promising yourself to love that person, regardless of circumstances.

5. Chrysanthemum

A more playful flower, a chrysanthemum, symbolises optimism and joy. You can give this to your loved one to show a future of pleasure with them, or you can even give it to your friends or family members who may make you happy and keep you optimistic for your life.

By sending someone flowers, you are telling them a message. Make sure to choose the flowers that convey your message correctly.

The Luxurious Sweet

Chocolate also boomed as a Valentine’s Day gift during the 14th century. This was when Spanish explorers brought chocolates to Europe, and they roared in popularity. It was considered a delicious and luxurious sweet that everyone would want to give to their loved ones.

Today, while chocolate may no longer be as luxurious, they are still considered an essential factor during Valentine’s Day. Couples love to give each other chocolates as gifts to show their loved ones how much they care for and appreciate them. Chocolates show that your loved ones deserve the best, and you know it.


So before you give your special someone flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day, make sure you understand what they mean. What you choose to give them and how you deliver will lead to a change in your relationship.

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