Which Flowers Best Suits You According to Your Zodiac Sign

by Robert Canning on January 28, 2022

Now is a better time than ever to provide you with the flower that best suits your zodiac sign. If this is something that interests you, read on for a guide on flowers that are the best match for your zodiac sign.


Are you an Aquarius? Your character is in a word: caring. This care for others is best represented by the Anemone. The Anemone's nickname – windflower – comes from the Greek anemos, meaning wind, because it blooms even in harsh weather. One thing is certain: even in the midst of adversity, you will work with positive commitment and dedication, a quality that many admire. This dedication will bring you success in the future: your time to thrive.


According to the people around you, you can be determined and stubborn – in other words, someone who will happily choose her own path without hesitation. One of the ways that a tulip can take its own path is by following the sunlight. As the tulip tracks the sun’s rays, live your life with your head held high as you bounce into your new year.


Spring is the season that seems most distant, but it's only a matter of time before you're back to doing what you do best. Like Fritillaria, which grows in spring. At home in a vase, this flower is known for its unique growing direction: dangling its stem over the edge of the vase. You, too, are at home in a vase, so to speak—welcoming others around you into your location with casual flair. As long as you keep your casual demeanour intact, spring will be the best season for you.


Who wouldn’t fall for the charms of a Taurus? With your gentle, cheerful and outgoing personality, you are the ideal match with the Peony flower. The flower stands for passion and romance, which are attractive qualities to anyone. Look how far these characteristics will take you this year, Taurus. Be open to new opportunities, as they'll surely take you far next year. 


The flower you are most compatible with is the Prunus. This is very appropriate because the symbolism of this flower represents the promise of a new start. In 2022, let this be a year of positive energy for you. Don't be too hard on yourself and instead focus on taking small steps. After all, you can bloom just like this flower, if only you give yourself a chance.


The delphinium represents your loving character. The long, sturdy stem stands for your determination in life and the soft purple florets represent your more vulnerable side. The two qualities combined make you someone that everyone likes. In 2022, flaunt your mix of characteristics to win over hearts once again.


The Carthamus flower suits Leos incredibly well. The pointed edges of the petals are softer than they look, symbolizing your creative and versatile character. Use your creativity to go into the new year with fire.


You can't ignore Nerine. Its long stem and star-shaped flowers represent your positive outlook on life and outlook. These are the qualities that make you love yourself, and that make you so loved. Keep holding those positive vibes close to your heart, they will bring you the best of what life has to offer in 2022 and beyond.


Dahlias are incredibly versatile flowers that grow in hundreds of shapes and colour combinations. The flowers stand for inner strength, elegance, and involvement — all traits associated with Libras. Their vibrant colours match perfectly with the personality traits of Libra. 2022 will be a prosperous year for you, Libra; this is a great time for the beginning of the year.


Scorpios love adventure. Both seducing and rescuing, they are very sensitive, too. Anigozanthos is their matching flower, with its velvety texture and whimsical shape.


The contrast between the strong branch and the soft cotton balls in the background reflects your quirky character. You are a strong person who maintains your balance even in trying times. However, you are also sensitive; those who know you well understand that you are both stable and sensitive. Both of these sides deserve to be exposed.


Amaryllis is one of our favourites. Its tall, sturdy stem with trumpet-shaped flowers stands for your perseverance and strength. Your powerful presence cannot be ignored. The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word ‘amarysso’, meaning ‘to sparkle’. You will definitely shine in 2022. Give everyone a free ride on your positive energy.


We hope this article was insightful for you and may it serve as a useful guide for the year to come. Feel free to look back on this guide throughout the year whenever you need a quick reminder of how to approach everything that has yet to come.

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