Flowery Language: Why Flowers Are the Best Gift for Anybody

by Robert Canning on February 04, 2022

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Ancient Egyptians were the first society that utilised flowers for decoration. In fact, we see many hieroglyphic depictions of the lotus. The next civilization to use flowers as a symbol of love and affection is the Ancient Greeks.

As time passed, the act of giving flowers evolved - from presenting fresh ones to synthetic ones. The shape of the arrangement has also changed. They are not limited to traditional bouquets. But you can also find a flower box.

If you are looking for a way to impress someone, flowers are the best choice. Here are some reasons why you should not shy away from buying a bouquet as a gift:


If this is your first date, you probably do not know the person well enough to find a meaningful gift. In this situation, you probably racked your brain on what to give. But do not fret because this happens to the best of us.

Or what if Mother’s Day is coming close. Considering that most people already bought their gifts ahead of time, a customised gift may not arrive on time. In either scenario, you can buy a bouquet of flowers. It still feels sincere.

What is great about purchasing flowers as a gift is that they can be given on any occasion. You can never go wrong with this present.


When we give gifts, we want to make the receiver feel that we gave thought to the item. Flowers are excellent presents to say how we feel without uttering a single word. You can give a single red rose to your date as a sign of your burning passion.

If you want to say sorry, you can ask a florist to arrange white tulips for you. But if you are not sure what to say, you can go through this Good Housekeeping article to guide you through the different meanings of flowers


As particular occasions come nearer, items associated with that holiday can become expensive. Yes, flowers can become a tad pricey during Valentine’s Day. But the price increase is nowhere near other merchandise.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift without having to break the bank, flowers are the way to go. You can even go for something as unique as flower boxes in a hand-crafted case. This present will remain in the receiver’s memory for a very long time.

Brightens up Your Day (and Space)

Flowers can brighten up the day of even the grumpiest people. There is something about them that warms the coldest of hearts. It may be their color, sweet fragrance or both that makes people smile.

If flowers can make people smile, it also brings warmth to any space. Adding a colorful bouquet can give a touch of freshness to a seemingly stale atmosphere. Their color and fragrance can mesmerise anyone. 


As Valentine’s Day comes closer, you might want to seriously consider giving a bouquet of flowers to your better half. With that said, you may want to pay close attention to your message so that it will be in sync with your gift.

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