Top 8 Flowers to Add More Dimension to Wedding Arrangements

by Robert Canning on December 31, 2021

So, you are planning your wedding and it is finally time to get those floral arrangements in order. Many brides, grooms, and even wedding planners focus solely on the big stars of the bouquets and displays but they neglect the other flowers that fill in the arrangement. 

You should not look past these other flowers because they can be largely responsible for the overall theme you hit. The dimension, texture, and even colour palette you create will require the right use of filler flowers. It’s especially important to know your fillers if you plan to peruse for flowers online.


Also known as the Lily of the Incas, this flower is meant to symbolize devotion and companionship. It is a hardy flower that won’t easily disintegrate when included in an arrangement and comes in a variety of gorgeous shades from yellow to white or purple.


These minute autumn flowers are perfect little pops of colour with their yellow button centres and their petals that come in blue, pink, purple, and white hues. This works great indoors, but outdoor parties should be wary of attracting bees.

Baby’s Breath

The name of these flowers already gives a sense of peace and comfort. They are some of the most popular choices for wedding floral arrangements, particularly due to their ability to work well with other flowers. That said, you should be careful about ingesting these as they are not good when ingested.


Looking for a more long-stemmed addition to your arrangements? Delphinium is the perfect flower, with its rich petals vibrant in colour and completely encapsulating its long stem. This is one you really need to get professionally, as picking random ones from the wild may irritate your skin quite a bit.

Globe Amaranth

This is the only flower on the list that is actually edible. What makes it a great filler flower, though, is the round shape of its bud that adds visual interest to complement others in the arrangement. You are likely to see purples, reds, oranges, and lilacs in this flower.

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is another popular filler flower that fits into the smaller end of the spectrum. It has one of the best scents that are distinct yet not overpowering. The little drooped woodland flowers have beautiful white bells perfect for the wedding theme. 

Queen Anne’s Lace

If you need more fillers but you don’t want to spend too much, Queen Anne’s Lace is the way to go. It doesn’t sacrifice elegance for cost, and it’s a great way to just add some more depth and heft to any centrepieces. As the name suggests, its looks are very similar to that of lace. 


This is another flower that provides a great dash of colour and vibrance to your arrangement without looking garish or out of place. They are not too hard to get because they are repeat bloomers, so you should not have difficulty adding these beautiful flowers into your bouquets and decorative elements. The way their petals flare out is what gives the likeness to a dragon.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the final decision will still fall on you and there is an astounding range of flowers to pick from today. These choices are simply some of the best picks that you can rely on to add that gorgeous detail to your flower arrangements. They also fit very well with weddings and aren’t difficult to acquire with flower delivery.

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