Flower Meanings: What Is the Symbolism Behind the Tulip

by Robert Canning on July 02, 2021

Giving flowers to loved ones is a common way to communicate certain feelings and sentiments. After all, flowers commonly have meanings attached to them. And those who might have difficulty expressing these feelings in words may opt to let the flowers speak on their behalf instead.

However, aside from roses, people don’t actually know the meaning behind other popular flowers. For example, have you ever wondered what the tulip signifies? If so, we’re here to give you a short rundown on the different types of tulips and what each one means.

What Does the Tulip Symbolise?

Before we get into the symbolism behind the tulip, let us first discover its rich history. This beautiful flower hails from Central Asia, growing in wild landscapes. It made its way to the Ottoman Empire, where the people fell in love with the flower and planted them across many gardens.

Tulips then found their way to Holland, where their popularity began to rise. The Dutch began investing money in these flowers as the tulip quickly took over Dutch society. This craze, called the Tulipomania, would have people spend lots of money on tulip bulbs hoping to earn a bigger profit and some poor people even spent their life savings on a tulip bulb.

While there are other types of tulips, the Dutch tulip is perhaps the most popular and recognisable one. The tulip often symbolises unyielding love. This symbolism stems from the story of Prince Farhad and his undying love for his paramour Shirin. There are many versions of the tale; however, each one depicts the prince’s troubled nature upon finding out the death of his love. It is said that with so much grief for his lost love, Prince Farhad injures himself, and from his blood grew majestic red tulips: a symbol of their perfect love.

Aside from unyielding love, tulips also symbolise rebirth. In the winter, tulips patiently wait underground. And in the spring, they reemerge as beautiful as ever, representing a cycle of rebirth. It can prove to be a symbol of hope to many, showing that even through the darkest times of our lives, we can reemerge and bloom to see the light of day.

Red Tulips

Red is often the colour of love and romance. The same applies to the red tulip. As the tulips that emerged from Prince Farhad’s blood were red, red tulips can mean passionate love. To really show someone you are serious about your love for them, give them red tulips and make them feel special.

Pink Tulips

The cheerful image of the pink tulip symbolises care, affection and well wishes. Pink tulips are a great gift to show someone that you care for them deeply. You can also use them to congratulate someone or send them well wishes.

Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips are extraordinary and shine as bright as the sun. It is no wonder that these tulips symbolise joy. Giving someone yellow tulips can be a great way to cheer them up and bring a smile to their face. You may also hand someone yellow tulips if you wish to send good luck their way.

White Tulips

White can often be a solemn colour with pure intentions. That is why white tulips are often used to send someone your apologies or gratitude. White tulips are very elegant and have a respectful air to them.

Purple Tulips

Purple is the colour of royalty. Back in the day, purple dyes were not so accessible, and only the rich and noble of the land could afford purple clothes. Because of this, the colour has been well associated with elegance and grace. This is what the purple tulips can signify. With this in mind, purple tulips can be a great addition to an important or classy event.


While it can be helpful to know the meanings behind flowers, at the end of the day, you just want to communicate the right message to your loved ones. No matter what the symbolism, your loved one will surely appreciate getting a bouquet of beautiful tulips from you. After all, it’s the thought that truly matters.

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