Unique Flower Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day This 2022

by Robert Canning on January 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day is nearing, which means it’s once again time to think about gifts to give your loved ones. When giving gifts during this special occasion, there are a few routes one can take—be more modern and give modern gifts like virtual cards or be more traditional and give classic gifts like a bouquet of flowers.

Personally, nothing beats traditional gifts. Although a lot of people may think it is impractical, getting flowers is still romantic. It is a once-a-year gift, so it needs to be done in a special and unique way. That is why in this article, we will talk about ideas on how to give your flowers this Valentine’s day.

Giving It a Twist with Vintage China

While a classic vase is traditional and easiest, there are also many options to use, instead. As an example, vintage china makes it more unique and luxurious compared to just using any vase.

Some may have old teapots for teacups hiding out in the back of your cupboards. You can repurpose them for this use and give them to someone as a gift. If you do not want to do that or you do not have vintage china on hand, you can visit antique stores to purchase them.

Using Their Favourite Liquor Bottle

Everyone has their own favourite liquor or even just a liquor bottle that they enjoy looking at. And what better way to give someone a bouquet of flowers than having it placed in their favourite liquor bottle?

This is both a new and fun way to present the flowers as a gift. It also makes it look fancy with the liquor bottle being used instead of a vase.

Gifting Dried Flowers

While fresh flowers are nice, it is also not meant for everyone. Gifting fresh flowers also means gifting someone the responsibility of taking care of these flowers for the next few weeks, which includes having to change their water and giving it sunlight.

If you feel like this could be too much work for someone else who might be busy, then gift dried flowers instead. You get to give something that is still beautiful and aesthetically pleasing while lessening the responsibility of taking care of it.

Bathing in Flowers

If you want to skip the traditional bouquet altogether, you can still give someone flowers presented in a completely different manner. For example, you may want to pluck out the petals of some flowers and repackage them completely.

Then, you can gift this to someone along with a bath bomb and their favourite shower gel. This will give them the option of bathing in flower petals for an opportunity for relaxation. This will be enjoyable and a different experience in gifts for them.

Pressing Flowers for Cards

Another way to gift flowers without having to give a bouquet is through pressed flowers. For this, you can get some flowers and press them for at least a week or a few. This will give you preserved flowers that look beautiful.

After pressing them, you can glue them to something, like a blank card. This is a good way to gift flowers in a unique manner that not everyone will be doing.


Gifting something different this Valentine’s day is important because a bouquet of flowers has become so normalised. Try to give someone something new this time around, and they will surely enjoy it and the experience they will have.

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