Popular Flower Choices Ideal for the Spring Season

by Robert Canning on April 01, 2022

Are you planning on getting a flower delivery for a loved one soon? There are various flowers available for you to choose from this spring. It’s the season of fresh growth, and it can be overwhelming to pick among hundreds of types available in flower shops.

This article will run you through some of the most popular spring blooms you can get from your local florist.

The Classic Spring Tulips

Tulips are a timeless classic that you will see on sale in most florists in the spring. These are usually the first flowers that come to mind when you think of spring-time flowers. They come in a wide range of colours such as pink, purple, yellow, red, white, and pink.

There are so many varieties of tulips, and you are bound to find something to suit the style and personality of your loved one. You can get them as buds, and they’ll open up after a few days in the water, revealing lovely cup-shaped blossoms.

Tulips are flowers that symbolise deep love, and each colour offers a variation in meaning. You can get pink blooms to symbolise happiness, yellow for cheer, and white for forgiveness.

Tulips are exquisite and are a great gift to send at any time of year, especially if you live far away from your loved one.

Fragrant Hyacinths

Hyacinths are another common spring flower that you can get from your local florist. Besides looking beautiful, these flowers offer an unforgettable heady fragrance that can be the perfect spring scent for your home. These flowers come in delicate colours like periwinkle blue, fuchsia, pastel pink, and white.

They have a thick, stubby bulb as a base that helps them stay hydrated. As these buds spend a few days in water, they start to absorb more water and become more colourful from their initially pale colour. Hyacinths are associated with sports, play, and sincerity. 

Joyful Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, and with them come the first signs of the sun as well. Seeing these bright blooms will immediately give you and your loved ones joy. 

These flowers are naturally available in various countries, from Europe to North Africa. In fact, they are the national flower of Wales and are traditionally worn on St. David’s Day.

Daffodils are usually yellow or white. They typically come at the end of winter and are typically associated with joy, hope, renewal, and even spring itself.

Delicate Paperwhites

Paperwhites are part of the Narcissus family, like the daffodils. They are delicate, creamy white flowers with a powerful and sweet fragrance. These flowers are smaller than daffodils and come in a cluster of pretty blooms on each stem. They are ideal for people who like the delicate and clean look of paperwhites.

Given its strong fragrance, you may either love or hate the smell of paperwhites. This strong smell is due to the organic chemical “indole” found in these flowers. This is also the same chemical found in other flowers like jasmine.

Like daffodils, paperwhites are also associated with rebirth, renewal, and the start of spring. 


When you think of spring, you cannot forget about flowers. There are many flowers you can send to your loved one this spring. No matter who you are giving them to, always consider the personality and preferences of the person. They will appreciate your gift more when you add a personal touch to them.

These flowers do not only have to be a gift for a loved one either. They can also be a gift for yourself to brighten up your home.

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